discarded clothing items on fences/lamp posts (chat)

One glove left behind - surely you would have noticed pretty quickly
Kid,'s jacket - yeah they are pretty irresponsible but surely you’d go back and retrieve it cause you paid for it

Is it a free gift situation? Surely it’s less messy to put it in a clothing bin

Explain this to me plz

Probably the best thing she’s done tbh

Someone tied a George Foreman grill to a lamp post near me using a reef knot (I think).

You mean stuff like that? :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Oh. Clothing items…wrong thread :pensive:


It’s not the people who lost the items putting them there, it’s people who found them and thought that if the owner came back looking it would be easier to spot. It’s a good thing


Yeah, this.

It’s worked for me once. I was on a bus and realised I’d lost my hat. Got off the bus and went back to the bus stop. Some nice person had put the hat on top of the hedge near the bus stop.

A sincere huge thank you to the random nice person.

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Kids have an incredible ability to discard things without you knowing how or when they did it.

Also you end up taking spare clothes for any weather eventuality and it’s very easy for things to fall out of bags or pushchairs without you realising.

And even if you realise you lost something fairly soon, the idea of stopping what you’re doing and retracing your steps for an item of clothing is just impossible and you have to sigh and just let it go.

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I can’t believe I didn’t realise this

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