Dischord Records/Hammered Hulls

Couldn’t see a general thread for Dischord Records so thought I’d start one….inspired mostly by noticing the Hammered Hulls 7” is out. Hadn’t realised Alec Mackaye was up to anything these days.

I really enjoyed it! Interesting post punk, with more emphasis on punk. I’ve always liked Mackayes vocals. Also features Mark Cisneros who played guitar in Medications.

As so much dischord stuff is interlinked I thought it could be a good idea to talk about something more recent you like then post associated acts. I’ve got a fairly good grasp of the classic era but am not so hot on 21st century. They mainly seem to focus on reissues these days?

Alec Mackaye was in The Faith who had one side of the best split ever with Void, however I also really like Ignition – the next band he was in. Machination is a great punk record.

Mark Cisneros joined the rhythm section from the amazing faraquet to form Medications. Mathy twiddly dischord punk I guess. I think these guys are brilliant.

Lets talk Dischord!

There’s a new Messthetics record due this Friday - instrumental post punk / jazz / art rock. The tracks released already have been excellent, here’s one:

The rhythm section is Brendan Canty and Joe Lally, so I suspect anyone who’s clicked on this thread knows their background already. The guitarist is Anthony Pirog who google tells me has been involved in various arty projects and was once in a band with a Smashing Pumpkin. Jesus Christ, you can’t get away from them on here, can you?

In other Dischord-ish news, some of you might be interested to know that Glen E Friedman’s book of Fugazi photos, Keep Your Eyes Open, has just been reprinted.


American publisher, but all the usual suspects here will be able to get hold of it - I bought mine from Waterstones.


Loved Messthetics live


Also on the Faraquet/Medications tip are The Effects who are also worth a listen and have an album out on Dischord. Maybe not as mathy as Faraquet but I think pretty much everything Devin Ocampo’s been involved in is worth a spin.


Sweet; I didn’t realise that Messthetics had a new album due out. I’ll look forward to that cheers for the heads up. Thought the last one was great, but they were even better live. So much fun. They seem to have a laugh with the guitarist. I love Joe Lally so much. Got quite heavily into this solo LP a few years back. Its got a great feel to it, title track is ace:

I’ll have a look at that book also cheers

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ohhh nice, haven’t heard of this. In total agreement that Devin Ocampo is pretty much the boss*!

Con Art by Smart Went Crazy is yet another high watermark for Dischord

*Saying that he was on that Deathfix LP with Bredan Canty which was total, total balls!


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confession: I’ve never been the hugest Fugazi fan