Discogs Wankers [rolling]

Have just logged all my vinyl and I’m a Discogs newbie

any users/nerds/sellers/buyers here? Any horror stories?

any surprises in your collection?

Mad what some people pay, tempted to sell everything

Who else is a Discogs wanker then? Tell me about your Discogs life…

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Yep discogs nerd here. Always use PayPal. Came close to a horror story recently but when he requested payment by bank transfer I backed off. Turns out that dispute having previously been a reputable seller he just decided to fleece a lot of people then fuck off. Every other deal I’ve done on three has been sound though. Wantlist is handy as fuck and as a result have been able to snag some longtime wanted rarities at reasonable prices due to the alerts/emails you get.

Yeah been using it for years. Buy and sell a lot on there but there are some no-marks who have no idea what they’re doing. Only had the occasional bad experience.

Been using it to buy and sell for a few years, overall it’s been very good. I like the comments function which is useful to see if a particular pressing should be avoided for whatever reason.

Finally got around to listing all my records last year and been keeping it up to date. Got a few out of print records that go for ££ now but not interested in selling those.

It’s definitely contributed to people buying records for the sole purpose of selling them on at inflated prices. It’s just so easy to use and takes hardly any effort to list stuff.

Not a fan of spying a record you want initially appearing cheap on the face of it but the seller takes the piss with the shipping so it’s ££

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I’d say that Dean Stone record’s worth at least €162.77.

I won’t take a eurocent under €187.23

Sadly, postage costs for vinyl are absolutely astronomical


I’ve never used it for buying/selling, just add stuff to my collection on it whenever I pick something up. Haven’t looked at the value of any of them for ages, you’re right that it’s bonkers what people pay for some stuff. Most of my higher valued records listed are box sets, so would have been relatively expensive in the first place:


Also, I wanted to ask generally

On my list there is an LP called Lady Madonna by an all-girl mid 70s prog band called Mother Superior

If the regular release goes for so much (the only release was on a small Swedish label) how much can I expect to get for the original UK white label test pressing ? (For it is that which I own)

Yeah this has totally killed mail order

I’ve used it to source OOP music (mainly on CD because I want to wind Steve Albini up.) I’m aware prices occasionally take the piss but what can you do.

I bought a boxset of Julius Eastman on here a few years ago because someone put Evil Nigger on a mixtape, and a quite rare (and not very good) Dollar Brand album that I heard Giles Peterson playing on the radio.

I mostly use it for selling. Same user name as here. :wink:

Bought a few bits from there, haven’t got my collection logged or anything, might do it at some point though. Is it straightforward enough to do?

I logged mine yesterday as it happens. There is an app where you can scan the barcode and itll list it in your collection. Well easy

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It’s straightforward - just chuck in the catalogue number - but it takes a bit of time if you’ve got more than about 50 records

I have about 20 releases that aren’t on the database & a few others for whom my particular release version is slightly different to those others listed. I’ve put them to one side in order to update the database at some point (but I know I probably never will)

I’m Kallgeese on it. Mostly just use it to keep track of what I have. Need to update it though as I went on a bit of a spree April/May and never logged any of the records.

Is it worth listing my CDs I wonder? I have thousands of the things and if any could garner me some bunse I’d be happy to sell them.

That was fairly painless…

Hmmm - not sure I’ve got the patience to log mine, most of my records don’t have barcodes

I had a similar problem, took me about 10 days

and if you’ve got any unmarked white labels then squinting and holding them into the light to try and read the stamp or etching in the run out groove gets tired very quickly

had to shazam a few as well

Doing this has made me really pissed off that I cashed in on a whole bunch about 6 years ago when I was a bit strapped. I’ve ended up buying reissues of stuff that I had original copies of that were worth so much more than I let them go for :disappointed: