Discogs Wankers [rolling]


What’s the barcode app pls?


Discogs app on Android. (Don’t know about iOs). The search function allows you to scan barcodes.


Nice. Wish id known about that, probably manually listed 500+ over the years :sweat:


I’ve heard it’s absolutely shite though & more bother than it’s worth


Got 10 or so newuns to add, will give it a try later


Wasn’t great for me tbh. Can’t tell you anything beyond what album it is, doesn’t pick up what specific pressing the record is.


Adding all my shit now. Surprised a yellow disc edition of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is worth less than Hello Nasty (£35 compared to £40).


Only use it to buy, might catalogue some stuff if I can ever be bothered. I like that literally everything is on there but at the same time you will never, ever get a bargain which is a bit of a shame.


I think you might’ve bought some records from me—I recognise your username. I hope I’m not a no-mark :grimacing:


My friends released an EP a few years back which is now worth £100+ and I am constantly tempted to flog it


I’ve used it for years. It’s a lot better recently as the content grows. For example so many of my records are from mid 90s indie one hit wonders that weren’t on there…but as time goes by it gets better.

I too sold a chunk of my valuable records about 10 years ago. Just about the point vinyl was about to become cool again. Never trust me for financial advice.

Buying, never had a problem until recently. Some dickhead listed the record as a test press, which it turns out it wasn’t. He was indignant and said it was a mistake. But given the whole point of the site is to make it clear and easy to differentiate the different releases it doesn’t ring true. But that is one problem in about 300 purchases.

As someone above said, now vinyl is cool, and flippable, this does make discogs the perfect place for people to sell. Last week I lost out on an auction, and the person who won has listed it at 5x the price he won for. (it is the exact copy he won).


I get annoyed when sellers post records to you in pizza boxes rather than record mailers, but other than that not had any problems with Discogs. Although that it still better than the time Amazon wrapped an LP in bubble wrap, and then put it a large, empty box that was about a metre long. Unsurprisingly that LP was fucked.


This is my shit.

Considering whether to put CDs in. Doubt any are worth much tbhumble.


I think we did a record swap once in one of these threads!


I love that your collection is so immense you literally had no idea what some of your records were :smiley:


Might go through my rekkids and put them on. I “inherited” my parents’ records recently (they haven’t got a turntable any more so I told them I’d look after them) so it’d be interesting to see if any were worth owt. I suspect prob not, maybe some of my mam’s but my dad was into big band covers of Bond themes, so


My mum’s Led Zeppelin II is apparently worth up to £450. Super.


Not immense just some white labels that I bought long ago


have put most of my collection up for sale. will give DiSers a DiScount especially if you buy a few things.


i still buy CDs on there sometimes