Discogs - your least valuable record

This is mine.

Median value £1.02. Currently available from 28p.

Well worth 28p or even £1.02 tbh. Classic full on grand sweeping Western epic.

Median value £3, there’s currently a ‘fair’ for sale at €0.80/£0.68 - most recent sale was £4 earlier today.

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Mozart, Boston Symphony Orchestra / Erich Leinsdorf – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik / Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter" (Vinyl) - Discogs

Median €1.16

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Yours for as little as 20p:

My old boss gave me it as he somehow had two copies!


The very best of Frank Sinatra: £4.03.

Based on median,



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Drugstore - Solitary Party Groover

By median value, £2.47

By minimum value apparently a wild birds and peace drums 12" I own sold for 70p once.

Think I’d be tempted by that Hiltonaires album tbh.

I can’t actually remember what it’s like. Should rectify thay this week

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This is actually an extremely nice little curio. You get a little comic and a split 7". Treat yourself cheaply this Christmas

Cheapest LPs I have are There Goes Rhymin Simon by Paul Simon and Culture.Of Volume by East India Youth, both absolute bangers. Looking at the below £10 median value of my collection I’m convinced that the simple shit munchers have absolutely no idea what’s good, this is the real cream of the crop down here. A load of Los Campesinos! and Young Fathers 7"s, some Owen Pallett and Emmy The Great 12"s. Also a Bob Seger record that my sister got me when she went to California as an in joke because he was Julie Cooper from The OC’s favourite, a truly terrible record that it would be poor form to get rid of.

Median 99p, that’s a bloody bargain! Ok, not as good as Goosefair but still a pretty solid album.

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Actually maybe it should be this, the first 7" I ever bought, median 75p, lowest 13p. So that’s what my childhood memories are worth then :frowning: :wink:


Cheapest median 7" at 49p

Cheapest median 10" at £1.54

Cheapest median 12" EP £2.11

Cheapest median LP £6.03

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Median $2.98

LP - £2.47 median

7" - £1 median

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Such a great band. I’ll take it if you need the £2.47.


Simple Minds - Once Upon A Time

Yes they were fab! Loved their first album loads. Not for sale I’m afraid :heartbeat:

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Zero pounds bargain!


got about fifty things that have no price, presumably because they’ve never been sold on Discogs. Might bung them on at £100 each and see if I can distort some prices…

of the ones that other people are demonstrably interested in:

cheapest 7"

saw these at the Barfly in Cardiff and was impressed enough to buy a single

cheapest 10" is this

but I had it as a promo off a rep, so the cheapest one that I actually spent my own money on is

which I think came up as my daily random title the other day

cheapest 12"

a big beat single that samples Michael Caine saying “you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”. Could anything be more 1997?

cheapest LP is

but I’m fairly sure I only paid 99p for it so I’m still quids in. Well, a quid in anyway.