Ah that’s a real shame. I’ve got some classic Textbook Boomer stuff from my parents’ collection - Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Paul Simon, Thriller etc - wild variety of pressing quality with stuff that popular of course.

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I see that they have added the ability to add users as friends:

Which seem like a good idea but would anybody want to share their collection with people? I don’t mind saying a select few records I have but, I don’t like the idea of scrolling through everything I have, Marshmallow scented Ghostbusters soundtrack included.

Hmm, you’ve been able to befriend people on there for ages I think. Also if you upload your collection I just thought any one who clicked on your username (like, via the marketplace) could see it.

I had a look last night and I think it is a feature that has been added to the app to simplify adding friends it’s just the 1st time I have seen them make a thing of it.

Also found in the privacy setting you can choose to hide both your wantlist and collection if you wanted. Turned the collection one on straight away.

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Ah, cool. Just logged into the app for the first time in ages. I wonder if they are making the social aspect a bit more interesting. Unsure what they could do to it really.

There is no need is there? It’s a market place, rather than waste time with this they need to sort out the shipping fuck up and probably update the desktop website with a nicer II


and the app. That’s shit as well.


I like the app more than the website but, the switching inapp between the app ui and the website is pretty annoying.

Think it’s mainly when buying records that it happens.


Could be a useful feature , if you bought from someone and they shipped fast and the record was as described. Good to get a list of trusted sellers I guess.


Agree, they were quick and it was well packaged, etc, faultless.

I have bookmarked them (Piccadilly) but they have no Slayer records!

Oops, wrong thread!

Ugh just got a pissy discogs dm from a buyer months after he’d received something “you’ve mislabelled this as nearly mint, there’s too much noise”. No demand for a refund, just wanted to be sniffy at me. Mate I listened to that record exactly once, with a pristine needle, if it’s noisy that’s on the pressing and don’t complain months after you received it! Arrrgggh.

I once had someone who left positive feedback but took the time to mention that the CD ‘smelled weird’.


Classic @bornin69x - owner of many weird smelly CDs.


Sold all the stinkiest ones


Love these guys when selling.

Chooses standard shipping marked clearly as untracked
I confirm order and say they’ve chosen untracked so if they want tracked let me know now.
I send order and reiterate it was sent untracked.

3 days later the record hasn’t arrived ‘please send me the tracking number’.


What is going on with boxsets at the moment? There are a fair few sold last month that aren’t even 10 years old:

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It’s happening again seriously if you don’t own it or not distributing it and you are some form of record store you need to fuck off.

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I hate when you’re essentially helping a website for free in your own time and instead of any thanks you just get a ‘you’re doing it slightly wrong, please stop’