Anyone looked at the information sent out about the vat changes being applied from July 1st?

My small brain just gets instantly bored and can’t work out what it is saying.

I think they are going to be automatically adding vat charges to all orders and then charging that vat back to the seller via your billing.

Also your meant to fill out some sort of new customs form for EU/UK trades (in addition to the ones you have to do at the post office as well?).

And this is for orders under €150 but no info on what happens if the order is over €150.

Think I may have to bail tbh. It used to take me seconds to post a single record to the UK, now it takes me 15 minutes filling out forms for each item. Now it is going to add 20% cost and a load of hassle. I always quite liked buying and selling stuff on Discogs but at some point it’s not fun.


This doesn’t help you, but I got an email from eBay, along similar lines. I genuinely didn’t have time to work it out as it’s so confusing…but yeah, the buyer ends up paying more. I am in the UK and going to switch to UK only for a while. Far less hassle.

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Yeah I’ve pulled the plug on UK sales. Tbh I was close to doing that anyway because it has become such a hassle.

With the recent huge increase in shipping costs and now this , it has all but killed buying and selling records internationally. Shame just too much extra costs now.

I’ve read this four times and I’m still not sure what the deal is – the only conclusion I’ve come to is that as a buyer I will maybe pay both UK and EU VAT if I buy something from a seller in Europe?

I don’t sell anything on Discogs, but I do buy a lot, especially over the last year when I haven’t really gone out at all & so used the opportunity to fill some holes in my collection. Have made sure to get the few outstanding things at the top of my wantlist in the first half of the year, but if I can’t even work this stuff out as a buyer, I can’t imagine too many sellers in the EU are going to bother going through all of this to sell a €4 CD to someone in the UK.


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As far as I can work out this is means if you buy new from Discogs you are effectively paying vat twice as there is no way for sellers to specify a vat and no vat option. If you are buying second hand the vat has already been paid so you are paying again (but I guess this is the same in any second hand shop?). But it’s actually worse than that as the vat is apparently applied to the total sale price so you pay vat on the shipping costs.

For buying direct from shops this means they have to sort out paying the vat rather than the customer when it arrives. Good in theory as it means no more handling fees or delays (I’ve had a parcel stuck in Milan for 3 weeks at the moment) but I’ve already noticed several UK record shops saying they will not be shipping to Europe for the foreseeable future as they can’t get their heads round what they need to do. I don’t blame them as I can’t imagine the shit show involved in trying to pay vat in Italy (where I live) as a British business. I imagine shops will end up having to pay intermediary companies to sort it out.

Just a mess really.

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The Warpaint release has turned into a full blown row:


Chill out everyone nobody cares that much


Got another email re: VAT this morning. Conclusion: Discogs are as confused as the rest of us.


Love how it starts ‘changes to vat can be confusing…’ then says to clarify any possible confusion and details how the last advice was completely wrong.

Oh yes and something to do with Northern Ireland but really we haven’t a clue what is meant to be going on there.

Not great is it especially after the shipping policy change debacle.

enjoyed that more than i should :smiley:

It should have ended about half way through with this comment…

In general, there’s no right or wrong answer to this specific topic as it pertains to this release.

Fairly civil overall though…!

ZJ_AJ about 10 hours ago

I find this post pointlessly rude.

Touché, I guess.

It’s taking all i have to not wade in with a completely uneducated take on whether it should be the master release or not :smiley:

I giggled a lot about it last night. The only thing they seem to all agree on is that the guidelines are rubbish.

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The new rules seem to mean that it is now not worth buying new vinyl from overseas, which is a real pity. I’ve bought from Dutch and German sellers and the value and service have always been excellent.


Just added a couple of items to my basket from UK sellers to see what would happen.

For a record listed at £28 (new record so that price includes vat) it adds £8.50 vat.

For a £110 record it doesn’t add any vat presumably because the total cost including shipping is just over €150 so the seller is meant to sort out the vat in this case.

So you pay vat twice? Hhv.de have had a complex vat for a while… I end up buying loads of records from the UK, this is gonna sting I reckon

Seems to be the case.

Who knew Death Grips was so highly sort.

Added something to my basket today to buy for the first time since the changes. 22% added to total cost of record + shipping. That’s a hefty surcharge. Ordered from Germany instead.

Got this great message from a buyer I’d sent a record to 4 weeks ago. I thought it had become a victim of brexit delays but had clearly been through a few things on it’s journey. So good of the buyer to not complain and provide positive feedback too - restores my faith in discogs (for now anyway).

  • Just wanted to let you know that the record turned up today. I’m not sure if it got caught in the floods when it was passing through Europe, or what… but it looked like it had floated down a river. the packaging was soaked and completely disintegrated in my hands when I opened it. It was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thankfully, because of the sealed poly sleeve, the record was totally fine! So we got super lucky! Thanks again, and have a great summer. *

Harsh but fair


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