Disconcerting Things


Asda’s new line of DC foodstuffs:



This display ad for Vimeo I keep getting:


Cheese and ketchup sausages has made me feel a bit ill tbqh


Oh god I hadn’t even noticed the flavours


Would eat





proper lol’d at that weird vimeo ad(?) creature. what the sweet hell on earth is that? Looks like the lurpak trombonist after a fire or something


This has done me


They better do superman rolls in the same shape otherwise you’ll end up with a bread to burger ratio DISASTER




Colour me fully disconcerted


I don’t say this lightly but these things are genuinely worse than Justice League


Holy shit I googled “Vimeo ad weird man” (GO AWAY) and found this:


Have moved from disconcerted to fully creeped out




Kind of want to try all those sausages despite the superhero shite


why just why…


There’s a part of me that actually finds that really calming and validating, and a bigger part of me that is screaming, just screaming