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I like its moxy. It’s hired!

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@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


The weird thing with Discourse is that threads on here get zero visibility on Google, compared to the old site which did ok. There are no fish pun surprise hits on here.

Like if you search “how good are they really talking heads drownedinsound” you’ll get two results of the old site, one of a Morrissey forum complaining about our thread on him, and then some vaguely related stuff from Quora, Reddit, or other forums and sites. But Google doesn’t pick up these forums at all…

Pretty hard to attract any newcomers if they can’t find the site, but I’ve no idea why that is.


My guess is that SEO hasn’t been given any thought (not that it necessarily should), though I do see og values in the header, so it’s not like there’s nothing

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Just you wait, those results are going to be completely different 6-8 weeks from now


Like, something like this should at least draw you to the site, but finds nothing.

In the related searches, it’s literally all stuff from the old website.

Maybe we want to be off the grid, and that’s fine, obviously, but imho it would be nice if the community attracted new users and would help with e.g. the DiS podcast, Dissonance radio, future attempts to relaunch the site etc.


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Google’s crawlers don’t work that fast, hence my 6-8 weeks comment

there was also a February football thread last year

Another example… Have noticed for a long time that the threads are not showing up on google… but never got around to mentioning it

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Oh yeah.

Interesting, not that bad a score.

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Weird… Maybe this is something Discourse support can help with (if indeed Sean/others want more visibility for the site). Obviously, if it’s not possible to pick up the site with searches this specific, people are never going to land on it by chance…

Let’s ask the AI

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I can try resubmitting to google but i think we got banned because of paintings of bums on sigur ros album covers (not even joking, we got kicked off of Google Ads years ago and Independent and elsewhere wrote about it)

Sounds about right!

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Looks like when we moved to the new setup, I had to reindex the site, so doing that now, which will make it easier for us to search for stuff if the site search ever can’t find it too.


Is indexing not happening periodically? It shouldn’t be a one-off thing

God I hate SEO


it doesn’t seem to be, but might be because the main Drowned in Sound url is dormant or something. I dunno, I need to get a new index page up really.

Fellow @admins , specifically thise of you on the more technical side of things: Any input on this AI thing?

I have personal prejudice against generative AI, so consider me an biased source, but…

My main take is that Generative AI probably won’t do much that we aren’t already doing by going to Bard or Chat GPT in certain threads anyway. They’re recommending integrating with a generic AI model, not one trained for Discourse.

It’ll require Sean to sign up OpenAI or the other lot and create an API key and he’ll then be billed for the usage - approx 1-6 cents for every 1000 words in a prompt and 3-12 cents for every 1000 words generated.

I don’t personally think it’s a particularly good use of funds, but as I usually say, it’s also Sean’s site, so if he sees benefits that I don’t, then fine with me.

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