DiScover Weekly

I listen to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify a LOT. I love it. Always discovering new songs by new artists and occasionally good stuff from people I know already.

What I’m also interested in are songs that you have discovered through your Discover Weekly playlist, with an emphasis on things that are new to you or not particularly well known in general (obvs this is subjective so don’t worry too much).

I thought that people who are interested could submit one track from theirs each week and I could collate them into one big rolling playlist that we could all benefit from and discover away to our heart’s content.

Sounds good? Okay I’ll kick us off. This week I had ‘Next Time Might Be Your Time’ by “Blue” Gene Tyranny. A ridiculously catchy, 8-minute long pop/folk oddity from the 1978 album Out of the Blue:

Here is a link to the playlist, which I will update if/when others contribute:

:grimacing: bump in case I just posted this at a bad time

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Wasn’t a massively successful thread last time either!

Have this soothing ambient track from my current weekly:

Ah, I see. Oh well!

Maybe I’ll just keep posting in here each week as if it’s my blog

This track is cool though! I will add it to our playlist :slightly_smiling_face:

Have to say my Discover Weekly is off to a blinder today. These are the first four tracks and they are all absolutely 100% my bag.

This is so good!


The other track from that EP(?) is a banger too

Looks like it’s the first in a series. Will keep an eye out for updates


I think you would like Ishmael Ensemble’s debut album - captivating ambient/electronic take on jazz. They are nice people too - met them at a rather strange gig at the Design Museum and they were more than up for a chat.