DiScovery Channel Week 1: Anais Mitchell


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Anais Mitchell
Genre: Folk
Years Active: 2002 - Present
Suggestions made by @Yesiamaduck

Hymns for the Exiled - 2004

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Hadestown - 2010

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XOA - 2014

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Anais Mitchell quickly became one of my favorite contemporary folk artists following the release of the incredible ‘Hadestown’ in 2010, an album I was drawn to because of its VAST list of features and critical acclaim it was released to I was immediately blown away with this albums rendition of Greek Mythology and incredible songwriting and performances. Going back into her back catalog I found another album I fell in love with ‘Hymes for the Exiled’ which followed a far more straight forward and understated formula which is more familiar to what you’d expect from a folk record unlike the more dramatic concept album ‘Hadestown’, Anais voice really shines through here and creates some beautifully emotional music. ‘XOA’ is the final album as it takes Hadestown, and other choice cuts throughout her career, and goes back to the more low key style and makes for an interesting contrast (and they didn’t have Young Man In America on Tidal! BOOOOO)

Hope you enjoy

Next Wednesday I’ll create a new thread for the next user’s choices :slight_smile: Voting closes on Wednesday at 15.45 that’s when scores will be revealed. REMEMBER all 3 albums selected either needs to be for an artist or follow a specific theme.


How many fucking threads do you need?!


I’m always up for tips n tricks in the bedroom, so I can never get enough of them if I’m honest with you.


Absolutely love Anais. I’ve seen her 4 times I think (once solo, once with Jefferson Hamer, once with a full band and once part solo part with Rachel Ries) and she’s been spellbinding each and every time. Really hope she gets back to touring soon, though obviously the Hadestown show is taking up a lot of her time.

Me and Ms Horse will be having Old Fashioned Hat from The Brightness as our first dance at our wedding.

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loved hadestown when it came out (despite the bon iver presence) and would like to see it live one day, not listened to it much since or any of her other stuff for some reason.
this is so good

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I’m coming back to this thread to add more later but in the meantime…

Here’s a photo of my dog Ivy Anais


Where’s Young Man In America? I want to give 5/5 to Young Man In America somewhere.



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Nows ur chance to listen to other stuff!

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She is wonderful.

Saw her on the Young Man tour and again at Southport Americana festival after Child Ballads came out.

Speaking of Child Ballads - no poll?

Hymns For the Exiled - 4
The Brightness - 3
Hadestown - 5
Young Man In America - 4.5
Child Ballads - 4.5
XOA - 4

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Seen her loads and she’s been fantastic every time. Best was a four piece (including Michael Chorney and Rachel Ries) touring Young Man. She’s fantastic solo too - my personal highlight was being able to help her remember lyrics to a Nic Jones song. Also managed to see her do Hadestown at Celtic Connections - Martin Cathy, Ani DiFranco, Low Anthem bloke and loads of other folk.

I’m off to buy tickets to her Edinburgh Fringe gig.


Ive not heard childballads! Wut is it


Also i made rules to keep to a max 3 recommendations per week!


Child Ballads was a shortish album that she did with Jefferson Hamer after Young Man. It was made up of reworkings of traditional Celtic folk ballads which were catalogued by William Child in the early 1900s. It was fantastic.


Drank a bottle of wine, going to revist these 3 gems before i fall asleep


BTW @NeilYoung welcome to the bastardised version of album of the day, sorry I couldn’t find it in me to resurrect the old format :frowning:

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I like the new format tbf. Couldn’t keep up with album of the day - this is much more manageable :+1:

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Submit 3 albums boyo :slight_smile:

The rules:
Either same artist/band
A theme (which u need to tell me)


I will man - I’m gonna do 3 albums by one band, just deciding on the band!

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