Major Colvin is the only truly ‘good’ character in The Wire.

Oh and Lester Freeman.

Also Sleve McDicheal


Get back to your nintendo, ‘doctor’.

Steals a load of money though doesn’t he. I mean good as in ‘vs evil’ rather than good as a character.

Not sure he should have pursued a relationship with Shardene though!

Argument that Shardene is the only person who doesn’t do anything illegal, I think.

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Why not? Good couple imo.

Turns out I forgot a lot of characters.


the children are all truly good because they’re children and thus clearly at the whim of all the stuff going on

good like morally or good like cool?

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oh and Ziggy’s pet duck, obviously


And Dolores.



People who I thought might be but, still have issues:

Jay - Helps beat up Bird
Bunny Colvin - Hamsterdam
Prez - Pistolwhips that corner boy
Butch - involved with Omar
The Editor that rumbles the journalist faking the story - still a journalist
The homicide detective that lets Bubbles go - lets Bubbles go

Bug, the deputy head who helps with the study maybe if we are talking lawful good and morally good?

eggs in pints all round!

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Done with good and positive intentions though, and you can fully understand what drives him to it.

i dont like to tell a lot of people this but i played the wire in the wire

Yeah but, against the law isn’t it? Just in my head not breaking the law and being morally good is the hardest thing to do in The Wire.

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