By and in large we’re a worldly, well educated lot, I’d like to think. And those of us who aren’t have excellent hair.
With this in mind this is a space to give any and all advice for life you can think of, and then maybe we can publish it as some sort of I’m An Office Worker Guide To Adulting or maybe we can just post pictures of people with the surname Wisdom, I’m easy.


DiSdom ffs


Put newspaper on top of your kitchen cupboards.


Prove your intellectual prowess by laughing very, very loud whenever watching a Shakespeare play


Don’t peel kiwi fruit before eating



Dear Dadsnet &etc - Don’t praise the person, praise the process. This is the key to bringing up your kids right.

That’s the best I’ve got


Safety razor.


I think my best advice is to constantly remember that absolutely nothing matters


The pace of the game is largely dictated by how many cards the Corp draws.


This is actually pretty wise


Be a couple of minutes early as often as possible.


don’t put tomatoes in fruit salad


This is really bringing home I’ve learnt nothing in 36 years



Pee first, Deep Heat second.


If lots of people like it, it’s definitely, definitely objectively shit


Don’t be a wasteman.


Don’t put too much effort into learning or fine-tuning human qualities, just talk louder than everyone else.


I immediately thought you were talking about DiS likes and was left feeling :sweat:

:unamused: Oooooh dear, what has become of me.


Lift with the knees. Actually, don’t lift anything.