DiSer AMAs #1: japes

Hi @japes, thanks for taking part in this.

My question for you is, would you rather travel everywhere in future by bus or coach, or in the sidecar of a vintage motorcycle?

got anything to say about Scottish politics?

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Hi Japes, I’m a long time fan, which of these two terms do you prefer when describing something that doesn’t make sense.

Mumbo jumbo


5 Years in an English Prison, or 1 Year in Mexico’s very worst prison

@japes - love your oeuvre
Could you give us the official approved phonetic pronunciation of your username?

DiSers: Would you like to be the subject of a future AMA?

  • Yes pls!!!
  • Leave me out of this, burrito boy.
  • Maybe, ask me later

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I go with Ha-Pay, gonna be crushed if I’m wrong.

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  1. ben avon. which has these things at the top

  2. dunno. kinda weather dependent. plan to do ben lawers soon as i can though, will bike out to it then stay in the bothy nearby or maybe next to it seeing as it’s covered in asbestos

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This thread could really do with more @japes

sidecar i think. always wanted to travel by sidecar with @saps driving

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not really

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Have you started using the correct pronunciation of Ardrossan yet?

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Thanks @japes, I’ll see what I can set up.

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i’ll take mexico’s worst. fuck it.



@japes, do you have a post of yours you’d like to highlight as you think it wasn’t liked enough?


  • Ask me anything
  • Arse mouth arse

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@japes do you think I should lower the price of my spare room on airbnb?

technically it’s american medical association for me but

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