DiSer AMAs #1: japes


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Have you started using the correct pronunciation of Ardrossan yet?

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Thanks @japes, I’ll see what I can set up.

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i’ll take mexico’s worst. fuck it.



@japes, do you have a post of yours you’d like to highlight as you think it wasn’t liked enough?


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  • Arse mouth arse

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@japes do you think I should lower the price of my spare room on airbnb?

technically it’s american medical association for me but

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i have told almost everyone i cycle with. not sure if it’s catching on. same with arr-an


I am NOT out of bread. got about 14 packets of pitta in the freezer @plasticniki

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no, hold out

had a german staying recently and the bread machine had fucked up so there was no bread in the morning. I left out some pitta for him and later found him eating one untoasted with butter spread on the outside of it


cheers man

I’d be interested to see someone do a Two Ronnies-style “answering the question with the answer to.the previous question”

@japes - for what approximate % of your adult years have you sported your lovely beard?

Also would you be interested in a TV show/ thread called Japes Apes - in which you are required to imitate something or one ? e.g. “This week Japes Apes a Victorian Gentleman”


once had an empty buttered tortilla. wasn’t awful tbh

do you have a question for japes?


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