DiSer AMAs #10: carmen


Ask @carmen anything!!!

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hello carmen!! how many languages do you translate? do you have a favourite?


Alright carm. Which is your favourite Donald Glover performance and why?


hello carmen

i’d like to know if you are good at jenga



hi carmen!!!

what’s your fave hotelier song please?



Hi ericfourth, I translate from Portuguese, French and Spanish into English. My favourite to translate is probably Portuguese because I like that it involves no vowel sounds when you pronounce it and I like reading stuff aloud. Also there’s not many Portuguese translators around so it gets me work.


imagine being smart enough to translate from another language into english!

Blows my mind genuinely


Good afternoon carmen.

Have you ever been to San Diego?




Hello Carmen!
Do you ever wear a hat? If so what type :slight_smile:


Hi carmen!

You have to have pick one song that you have to hum the chorus of every day for the rest of your life, once when you first wake up and once just before you go to sleep.

What is the song?


If you could learn another language what would you learn?


@carmen where can I find good coffee in Leeds?



TV-wise it’s most of Community after he’s stopped being mean to Abed and realises he’s a nerd after all. The Blanketsburg/Pillowtown saga is up there.

Musically I like 3005 and the first half of the Kauai album plus the bangers on the new one like Riot and obviously Redbone.


Truly a wonderfully thorough answer. Thanks pal.


I am not very good at Jenga. I go for the easy ones then get annoyed when there’s none left.


Favourite revel?


This is really hard and there’s sort of a joint answer between like 4/5 of them but right now I’m gonna sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

An Introduction to the Album because it’s bloody great listening to it when you’re walking around on a dark autumn morning/evening


hi carmen - you can have 3 toppings on a pizza

what’s it gonna be?



thank you for answering!! (it might be mine too, but i really like Your Deep Rest and Soft Animal)