DiSer AMAs #12: whiterussian

ask @whiterussian anything!!

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Hi @whiterussian.

What’s your favourite bruise you’ve ever had?

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Does Norway have nice pastries like Sweden does?

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hi wr. how is #norwaylife since you moved back there? are you planning to stay there now or got other plans?

also, what is the worst horror film you’ve ever seen?

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Hi WR,

Ever been to Berlin? Any recommendations?


EmO x

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Why are scandinavians so good at adopting the accent of the area of the north west of england that they live in?

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Hi WR. In the film Mrs Doubtfire, why does Piers Brosnan’s character, who is allergic to pepper(s?), order jambalaya, a traditionally spicy dish?


*sigh * at @anon82218317’s AMA being the only link that people are clicking on…

One person though, and that was probably you?

Hi, WhiteRussian!

If ATP Barry asked you to curate the films at one of the Nightmare Before Christmas festivals, which 10 horror films would you choose?

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Wasn’t me, and it was a callback to it happening last week, too.

hey wr, what’re better, vikings or celts?

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Obviously you’re right, was just winding you up (it was me that pointed it out, thought you’d remember that)

Hiya WR,

I’m coming over with a massive bottle of wine and some snacks. What horror film are we going to watch? :smiley:

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Hey WR, thanks for doing this. I don’t get any further than asking questions alluding to people’s usernames so… There’s a world shortage or Kahlua; do you settle for Baileys, or find something else to drink?

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QI Klaxon


Hi @whiterussian,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

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I rarely remember any of your posts.

Also, RTF!

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Hi @whiterussian
Do you prefer to drink a white russian made with milk or cream?

I prefer milk as cream is too creamy

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Hi wr,

Have you ever tried a deep fried pizza and if so did you like it?