DiSer AMAs #13: Flashinglight


ask @Flashinglight anything!! bit earlier today as she’ll be with us from about 1-3pm and then for a bit later on tonight so get your questions in ready!!!

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Interviews (not jobs)

if only there were an Ask Me Nearly Anything.


Rate the roast dinner meats, starting with the top choice


Hello flashinglight!

How many Babybels do you think you could eat in one sitting?


hi flashy! (can i call you flashy?)

my question is: how did you first come to find drownedinsound.com?


Hey flashinglight what’s your favourite city and why?


Favourite revel?


Hey Flashinglight

Who’s your favourite children’s author?


Heylo Flashinglight :wave: :slight_smile:

If you could be any crayon in a packet of crayons, what crayon would you be? :smiley:


Hi @Flashinglight,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


Not a big meateater tbh, I don’t go for red meat really so I will leave those off.
2. Gammon
3. Chicken.

Would usually go for a veggie option though, sorry if this is an unsatisfactory answer.


it is not. which veggie option?


hi FL

i’d like to know what your favourite biscuit is



Hi pn, I think I can handle five maybe before I felt over-cheesed.


second question if i’m allowed

do you see your self as more of a strobe or a pulse?


Hi Flashinglight! Which celebrities/public figures have you previously been compared to?


Hello @Flashinglight

Could you rank the following flashing lights in order of preference?

a) A Lighthouse (not technically flashing, but appears to be from a distance)
b) A flashing green man at a pelican crossing
c) A flashing amber light as you wait to drive across a pelican crossing
d) Strobe lighting on TOTP
e) The Kanye West song
f) Flashing lights on an emergency vehicle.


Flashinglight, suppose for a second that your house was ransacked by thugs, your family was tied up in the basement with socks in their mouths, you try to open the door but there’s too much blood on the knob…

…what was your favourite book as a teenager and what do you think of it now?


Good afternoon flashinglight, what colour is your front door?


Originally, I came to the boards through the actual DiS website and I used to post sporadically about 5-7 years ago (I don’t recall what username I had). I ended up coming back because I wanted to get back in touch with an old friend who I didn’t have any current contact for but I knew they had been a DiSer. We carried on talking through the DMs here, I started lurking a bit and then began posting.


hi flashinglight,

arms or legs?