DiSer AMAs #14: manches-brute

ask @manches anything!!!

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Have you ever written or thought about writing a book @manches ?

hello m-b. my question is: what are you wearing today and how did you pick out this outfit? many thanks

@manches I love your writing style on this forum. Any plans to publish more broadly?

Dear m-b. You are one of my favourite writers. Is your Dr. Zhivago (?) story knocking about anywhere?

@manches Why is it that Choco Leibniz have both shit chocolate and shit biscuit yet manage to be amazing.


Hi MB. If anyone could play you in a movie, who would it be?
Also who would do the theme for the music
And where would you premier it

Hi @manches

can you give me your top 8 breakfast options please.

Some users defend your tangential responses with consistency, while some just dismiss your writings as soon as they see the word MARLON. What do you make of your divisiveness?

Do you have a preferred medium of expression, or just get carried away in the moment?

Yeah! This will probably turn out to be a long answer, as I’ve thought about it a lot of times. When I was a child, I really wanted to be an author. I used to ask my parents to buy refill pads when they’d go out to buy groceries and whatnot, and I’d try to write novels (which I would always leave unfinished, obviously). The funniest thing I remember about these was that the battle sequences would always be really clinical descriptions of individual attacks like in a Final Fantasy game.

When I was about 12 or 13, I wrote several frankly bizarre Harry Potter parodies based on his cousin Dudley Dursley’s adventures fighting fascism with his grotesque and disgusting friends (I didn’t really know what fascism was, but I was obsessed with The Young Ones). I occasionally try to write short stories and other bits of fiction, but I think where trying to write in prose is concerned, I live in dog’s years.


Disappointingly short answer. Pair of jeans I’ve had on all week (that guy from the View can swivel) and a faded A Sunny Day in Glasgow T-shirt (which to be fair makes me look about 1 point more cool than I normally do). They were closest to hand this morning.


hello mb

I’d like to know what the biggest animal you have ever touched was


What is it about these boards that makes you post here? What would you like to change about these boards (be honest)?

Hello @manches

How did you arrive at the username manches-brute?

Good afternoon

Have you ever been hang-gliding, and if not, does the idea appeal to you?

and @Kallgeese Thank you, I do believe I’m coming down with a case of the vapours.

I think the Zhivago fanfiction is on my laptop somewhere, along with - when I was thinking of leaving my job - a Lovecraftian letter of resignation thing. I keep meaning to write a blog again, but I’d need to make sure I’m organised enough to update it regularly (the last post on my last blog promises that I’ll update it more regularly, and that was about a year ago).

I wrote the script for my MA short film, which I was pleased enough with to think about trying to write more screenplays.

I know people who write, and they’re so much cooler and more disciplined than I am.


Hi @manches,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

I’ve never had Choco Leibniz, but I sometimes think about this kind of conundrum. I think I might prefer supermarket brand crisps to Walkers; even though I’m sure you can objectively state that the supermarket brands are more shite.

In conclusion, reality is a strange and beautiful enigma

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What’s your proudest achievement of your adult life?