DiSer AMAs #15: xylo


Ask @xylo anything!!!

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hello xylo! let me be the first to ask if you’ve sold any good books lately, but also, got any music projects on the go at the moment?


What is the second best card game ever made and why is it Doomtown: Reloaded?


@xylo - whats your boxing walk out music and nickname?

anything on Scottish politics?


Hi Xylo.

What would you rather… (1) every single thing you read for the rest of your life has a minor grammatical error or (2) every single glass you pick up for the rest of your life is sticky.


xylophone or glockenspiel?


Hello @ericthefourth

thank you for inviting me to this AMA.

Good books sold recently include a glorious copy of Wealth of Nations, and the 1st of Origin of the Species i mentioned yesterday, which I’m assuming will be sold in the next couple hours as we have a magnificently long waiting list of people ready to snap it up. I’d never seen one of the latter look so lovely before either so it was mega exciting to have it in my hands.

I am trying desperately to finish a record with my pal Dave, for our band Radio, by Christmas!


Hi Xylo :wave:

What would you say is your favourite national flag? Also, any reasons in particular for your selection?



The poker element of Doomtown just makes everything brilliant, right? And the way you can affect your hand with modifying cards. Like who came up with that? a GENIUS, Epimer.


hey xylo: what’s the last album you listened to in full
and why


the guys at the local gym call me prince william because i’m comparatively posh to their own accents :’(

walkout music would probably be:


I fully flip out at sticky glasses. So the former. And the former is often true anyway…


Glock. Bugger to record nicely, i have recently discovered :o but better than xylos i’m loathe to say


The swiss one, because of the roger federer joke. It still makes me chuckle even thinking about it NOW


What is it about DiS that makes you post here so much?


could see you having this stuffy, snooty english upper class gimmick as a boxer/wwe wrestler :smiley:


thanks -great answer


What kind of books do you sell? And how’s your cat


hi @xylo, hope all is well with you today :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. if you had to assemble a team of six disers to take on the crystal maze, who would you pick as your teammates and why?

  2. what’s the sexiest book you’ve ever sold? what made it so sexy?

thank you for your time


It was Cope by Manchester Orchestra. I was actually playing it to a pal while we worked in the garden, because he’s a mega fan of that kind of thing and hadn’t heard the record.

I would like to recommend it to you also. Imagine a Weezer you could get on board with ruffles