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What is the best cookie from Ben’s Cookies in the covered market and why is it the orange one?


hello laelfy!! how long have you been saving the world for? and why is it you’re leaving us southerners behind to move back up narth?


Oh gosh, what a question. To be honest I’m completely happy with any Ben’s Cookie that is fresh out the oven and has gooey chocolate chunks in it. Chocolate orange is definitely up there. Do you know I went to Dubai a couple of years ago and they had a Ben’s Cookies there. What a Bens cookie now.


Hi laefly! What albums\EPs\Singles have you been listening to recently? Anything you’d recommend?


Hi @laelfy. It’s a lovely autumn day much like today and the sun is shining. You have a decent pair of walking shoes with you and a teleporter to transport you anywhere in the UK. Where are you going to go for a walk?


hi laelfy

i’d like to know, when people submit answers for aqos do you have a chuckle to yourself at the really shit ones



Bet it’s Ben’s Cookies in the covered market in Oxford now.


Hello Eric,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer anyone’s questions.

I wouldn’t say that I’m saving the world, some doctors might say I’m actually stopping them saving the world by creating too much paperwork but what can you do?

Leaving the south behind because of extortionate property prices I’m afraid. Plus a desire to be closer to family and the hills and sea.


How French are you




a) what is your favourite food?

b) what was your favourite ever meal?


What’s your favourite bird of prey?




Hi @laelfy
Please can you tell me where your username comes from.
How should I be pronouncing it?


Favourite revel?


Hi wwwwo,

Not really, because I now have shocking music taste and rarely to to see live music any more. I have however been listening back to old Talib Qweli albums this week so I’d recommend Quality or a Beautiful Struggle if you’ve never listened to him.



any friday night plans?


Hi @laelfy,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


Hi ccb,

Great question! It would easily be Arran, one of my favourite places on earth and I would head along the beach at Blackwaterfoot. Or up one of the hills.

@epimer if I was in Oxford right now I’d totally be going to BC, but alas I’m not.