DiSer AMAs #16: laelfy

Hi laelfy,

I have two questions, both hockey related:

  1. What’s the best tip that you’d give to a hockey numpty, like me.
  2. What’s been your proudest moment/best piece of play?
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Haven’t traced my family tree but probably 0.0005%

Probably the now bog standard red kite, because they fly over my house all the time which I find incredible

(Do they count as birds of prey?)

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Hi NV,

I couldn’t think of anything decent when I signed up so it’s letters from my names.

We discussed pronounciation the other day and settled on lail-fi / lail-fey but you can call me what you want.

Very important question. I’m a big fruit creme gal, so it would probably be the orange, but it’s a close battle with coffee.




Hi Colin,

I have an extensive knowledge of dinsosaurs thanks to my nephews, so if I was to be in a fight with another dinosaur then either a spinosaurus or a triceratops.

I’m taking your first answer - spinosaurus it is!

I’m in Glasgow so unlikely. Heading down the coast tomorrow night for bonfire/fireworks display in the village where we have a caravan.

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Only if I think it’s because I haven’t been clear with the question. Or someone’s forgotten to answer a question.

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Not right at this moment but I’ll manage it at some point.

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favourite / least favourite thing about the oxford?

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When was the last time you used BluTac?

Hi Marckee,

Thanks for asking hockey questions.

  1. I don’t think I should be giving you tips as you are undoubtedly a far better outfield player than me. However, as an ex goalkeeper I would say that the easiest way to score a goal is to make us move, or get on the posts. I spend most of my matches screaming at forwards to get on the posts.

  2. Proudest moments would be winning penalty shootouts in cup competitions. Or the time Jamie Dwyer came to coach us and spent an hour hitting shots at me. Saved a couple (out of hundreds) Still one of my top five evenings ever.

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Hi jb,

I work in project management of high risk oncology clinical trials. These are mostly drugs that have never been given to humans before so come with high risks. My job is to train and monitor the sites by visiting labs, pharmacies and checking patient notes. I like it because I’m a medicine geek plus I get to travel around the country. When I was at uni a lecturer told us that to get a drug to market a large room’s worth of paper was created. I was incredulous at the time but I now create that paper.


Ah, I didn’t realise that you were a goalkeeper. (Or ex-goalkeeper - what position do you play now?).

When I started playing I did try playing in goal and had a few sessions with Chris Hibbert when he played for us, but it turns out that I’m really bad at spotting a ball flying at me very fast.

What was your first gig / concert that you attended?

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Favourite: the architecture, the variety of different things I’ve been able to do by studying/working here. Plus the network of friends I’ve built up.

Least favourite: the fact that getting anywhere in such a small city is so goddam difficult. Difficult to drive, expensive and difficult to park. Dangerous to cycle and risk of getting your bike stolen. Impossible to walk through the city during tourist season.

Hi laelfy,

I would like to know what order of preference you would classify the following bodies of water in:
A) rivers/streams
B) oceans/seas
C) lakes/ponds
D) puddles

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Hey @laelfy

Been to any interesting historical places lately?

Also, front flip or back flip?

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