DiSer AMAs #16: laelfy

Hello laelfy

How well do you think you’d have fared in a medieval battle?


Wednesday. I have to press one of those green door release buttons to get out of my office, and I get electric shocks from it. So we have a blob of blu tac on the button to stop the shocks.


I play anywhere in defence now despite not really being able to tackle cleanly.

Chris Hibbert would’ve been a good person to learn from! But you’re either a natural gk or you’re not. I’m also had the pleasure of being coached by Beth Storey, Maddie Hinch and Simon Mason (and a whole load of other GB played) that’s one of the things I love most about hockey.

@laelfy what’s the best way to try to get over a phobia of all things blood & guts? You must have a strong stomach…!?

It was either Blur at the SECC or Oasis at Irvine Beach when I was about 13/14 - can’t remember which came first.

Yeah, at the bottom end of the club our training sessions are taken by first-teamers. It’s pretty cool to have some of the best players in the world working with you.

(until they get poached by Holcombe…)

You know, I nearly went with the question: Blur or Oasis?

So I might follow up with:

Blur or Oasis?

(just edited as I accidentally typed Blue not Blur. You can comment on Blue as well if you like)

Interesting question fl.

I’ll go with:

Oceans/seas (have a strong desire to move to the sea)
Lakes/ponds (can’t beat a good lake to walk round
Puddles (I’m too old to jump in them now)

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Dead within the first attack.

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Yes they do! Good choice as well

Kweli :heart_eyes:

I don’t actually see the patients so don’t deal with that. It’s a good thing really because I think I’d be a constant emotional mess.

Hiya @laelfy! What is your favourite thing about autumn?

I liked Blur but it was definitely Oasis. To the point that during the infamous Roll with it vs Country House chart battle I bought Roll With It first then waited till the next week to buy Blur.

Don’t mind a bit of Blue.


Oh ok fair enough! “As You Were”*

*might get Sean a few google hits from Liam Gallagher fans

Hi Slicky,

I went to Kilmainhaim gaol in Dublin a couple of weeks ago, where they shot the Irish rebels during the troubles. Was fascinating and upsetting at the same time.

Edit: if I could do either, it would be back-flip


Fresh starts. Starting a new uni year, always seem to start new jobs then, hockey season starts.

Also it’s the perfect season for a Sunday roast in a cosy pub followed by a walk along a river.

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what was the last thing you watched on VHS ?

hi @laelfy, sorry I’m late to the thread! Drawing and Mario taking up my time.

Anyways, here’s my question:

If you had to give up either caffeine or alcohol forever which would you choose?

Apologies if you’re teetotal and I’ve been insensitive.

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Hi xylo,

It’s a crap photo but the best I could do without explaning all this to my parents.