DiSer AMAs #17: colon_closed_bracket

Ask @colon_closed_bracket anything!!!

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@colon_closed_bracket how long have you been on DiS for?

anything on Scottish politics?

hi colon (can i call you colon?). i would like to know if you have a favourite restaurant and/or a favourite meal? like if you could go anywhere in the world (don’t wanna hear any shite about you don’t care where as long as your nearest and dearest… etc. just cold hard facts)


Good afternoon ccb.

If you had to bathe in one soft drink, which would it be?


Hi @colon_closed_bracket. Your posts always make me laugh. You seem like the best. Are you the best? :heart:


Hey ccb,

Please could you be my personal chef?

Also, what do you think the best thing you’ve ever cooked is?



also, who do you think will be the most clicked on in the previous AMA list up there?


I’ve been on DiS since 2006. I first joined because I was trying to find out what the lyrics to this song meant:

I remember starting a thread asking people for answers and I just got general “lol it’s about sunflowers, mate” responses. I guess people must have thought I was a troll. Anyway, I’m still here, nearly eleven years later, and I still have no idea what that song is about (though contributors to songmeanings have some plausible theories).


Hi @colon_closed_bracket,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

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Hi ccb! are there any particularly fringe\outsider political theories you’re intrigued by and if so can you comment on their appeal?

And regarding Scottish politics: sorry, I have nothing. Although there should be more people in politics who can speak with as much passion as Mhairi Black. She seems like a good sort.

Hi @colon_closed_bracket,

If you were to change your username to another emoji, which would you choose and how would you write it?

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Hi 2C-B,

I would like to know what you favourite marsupial is, also any general feelings on marsupials?

Thanks :slight_smile:

oh I would also be intrigued by any particular intellectual schools of thought too.

good afternoon coloN!

Best day of spring vs best day of autumn, which would you prefer?

what’s the greatest present you’ve ever received

Hi Eric4

My favourite restaurant is actually in King’s Lynn - The Market Bistro:

The food is just amazing; the service is ridiculously friendly; it really should have a Michelin star by now (I’ve been to a Michelin-starred restaurant and it wasn’t as good). They’re also going to be doing a special fundraiser for the Foodbank in three weeks’ time and they’re going to start working with us to make better use of their food waste.

Saving that, there was a restaurant I remember from being on honeymoon, but I have no idea where it is other than that it’s on the road between Florence and Pontassieve. I remember sharing this plate of spaghetti with a ton of seafood / shellfish on top and thinking that nothing would ever top that meal.

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Hi, c_c_b!

Bit of a biggie, this: what are your goals?


Have you ever been in trouble with the polis?

Hi SenorDingDong

It’d have to be something diet. Can’t be cleaning residual sugar from my body, that’s not going to be fun.

I’d go for 7Up Lite as it’s pretty fizzy.

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