DiSer AMAs #18: Shoebox1976uk


Ask @Shoebox1976uk anything!!

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hello shoebox!! let me start by asking where your screen name comes from and how you find your way to our humble community? thanks!


What was wrong with the first 1,975 shoeboxes?


Hi @Shoebox1976uk

What year were you born?


Are you a trainer shill bot that has become sentient? Pretty cool if so…

Cant wait for viagramed4cheap to win AQOS


Also, what’s the best pair of shoes/trainers you’ve ever worn?


Hello :mans_shoe:box !!

In great detail, what are your thoughts on Battenburg?


People who collect loads of trainers and never wear them, pretty weird no?


Favourite revel?
And in your opinion were the super furry animals a brit pop band?


Holla! Thanks for including me in this, and thanks for kicking off the questions.

Sadly there is no interesting story behind me screen name. My first introduction to the internet was the old NME forums and I genuinely just picked a random word to hide behind. However, this moniker has stuck with me for the past 20 years and I use for pretty much all my accounts now.

I kind of lurked on the old forums, probably just looking for music news/gossip to be honest. But since the migration, I’ve felt a little more inclined try and become a member of the community.


Hi @Shoebox1976uk, i think your avatar might be my current favorite on DIS.

anyway a question

When I was a child I was a big fan of using a shoebox to collect things in. Postcards, marbles, things like that.

Did you ever do this, and if so what did you put in your shoeboxes


That’s great to hear!!


Hi Shoebox!

What was your username on the old NME forums / chat?

Also, what musical instruments do you own?


Could have been worse, you could have picked the name footskank. This was my name on something for far longer than it should have been, purely out of laziness.


Which of the high street coffee chains is your favourites, and what’s your order please? :coffee:


Hi footskank.


Progress basically. The first was a fairly rudimentary model, but annual upgrades since the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ have seen vast improvements. This was until the technology behind the Shoebox model could not be improved upon, when in 1976 a young man was born in the UK and basically put a stop to further enhancements


:kissing_heart: :footprints:




Ey up, shoey

My primary school used to send shoeboxes to children in Belarus. Each pupil stuffed their own with small gifts, sweets and other things, such as gloves.

What three sweets would you choose to send to a Belorussian child?