DiSer AMAs #18: Shoebox1976uk

So back in the 90s, when I was a Britpop obsessive, I shunned expensive trainers because that’s what the “trendies” wore, and we vowed to be alternative. Anyway, I went to Woolworths, and there, sitting on the shelf were the trainers I used to wear as a kid: Dunlop Green Flash. I quickly bought them up and got mad props from my contemporaries. They have, obviously, become fashionable again and I like to think that I instigated that fashion revolution*

*I clearly didn’t

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Hey SB#UK,

Which is your favourite pole: north or south? Further explanation of reasoning is encouraged.

Thanks for you time and consideration :slight_smile:


It is a punchline used to the joke:

My wife has gone to the Carribean
No, Battenburg

I’m not really a cakey person, to be honest. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually eaten a slice/loaf. That said, I do like the design.

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Love me some green flash man, great choice.

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Hey shoebie, you’re only allowed to cook with one herb for the next year. What’s it gonna be?


Yes. Yes they are. That said, I do have multiple pairs, but not from a collection perspective. More of a different trainers for different…needs

Hello @Shoebox1976uk,

what is your favourite country that you’ve ever been to, not including your home country?


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We used to do the same. I don’t know if it was the same charity or not, but there was a bit of a scandal when the school found out that the charity hadn’t been entirely honest that they were a evangelical christian charity who would add religious leaflets inside, pretend the donors were also evangelical christians and use the shoeboxes to try to entice families to convert to their brand of evangelicism.

This went down even better in a school where a good % of the students were Sikh or Hindu.

Gonna have to go with Minstrel. Revels are too much of a gamble for me. Cannot risk the chance of the orange or coffee ones.

WRT SFA, I would say “no”. I would say there was an aesthetic to Britpop, both musically and stylistically that SFA never really aligned with.


I was about to say “no, I was never really a collector”, but then I remembered I had a bit of an obsession with Garfield as a kid and kept a lot of tat with his image emblazoned on it in a box, that was probably a shoebox.

me too! I’m a year older than you - had a lot of Garfield and Peanuts related nonsense.

It was Shoebox. I was never part of the chat, just the forums. We migrated away after “Bananagate” to Alt.Angst (still running and I still post there. Don’t bother visiting, it’s the worst website on the internet), and I’ve retained that username there.

I do not own any musical instruments, as I have zero musical ability. We got my daughter a decent keyboard for Christmas last year and since her interest has waned, I’m kind of tempted to commandeer it and try learn to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or something.

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Do I want to hear more about bananagate? If you think it’s in keeping with the spirit of the boards then explain, but feel free not to



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Blur or Oasis?
Echobelly or Sleeper?
Pulp or Suede?
The Bluetones or The Charlatans?
Elastica or Salad?
Menswear or Shed Seven?
Cast or Dodgy?
Marion or Gene?
Heavy Stereo or Northern Uproar?
Powder or Thurman?


I’m not a coffee drinker, I do not drink any hot drinks. However, I do like a nice cream-based frappuchino. I would probably go with Starbucks, as I like the chocolate chips. Although the Costa one is more chocolatey??? No, I’m sticking with Starbucks.

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Like send a load of kids in Alabama boxes with gifts and leaflets of Godless Heathenry?


Oh ask a question?

Hi Shoebox,

What’s would your USP be on this site? (Eric has burritos, markee has googling, plastniki has her bikes etc).