DiSer AMAs #19: profk


Ask @profk anything!!

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hello profk!!! how much are you dreading moving to spain and what do you think you will miss the most about london?


Hi @profk,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


Hi profk,



Wahey! Absolute pleasure meating you last month proffers. I would like to know what is your favourite tapas dish?


getting the ama staples out the way early:

if you had to assemble a team of six disers to take on the crystal maze, who would you pick as your teammates and why?



Hi @profk if you could have a super power for a month which isn’t one of the boring standard ones (flying, invisibility, doing infinite keepie-uppies), what would you choose?


Hello profk! What strange and wondrous Milka bars are you looking forward to consuming once you move to Spain?


hi proffers

what are your favourite south east london:
places to eat?
parks / other open spaces?
any additional special things you like?



hello eric.

ehhh, not dreading it. bit nervous about doing a completely new job though. I’ll really miss my pals, but a lot of them have moved away (some have actually gone to Margate, lol) over the past year anyway, which is a contributing factor to me sacking off London for a bit. pubs I guess?


hello @profk, do you think you could vertically suplex ruffers? how long do you reckon you could hold him up there if so?


Hi profk

If you could be a professor in any academic field, what would you choose?

(Assuming you are able to automatically gain the knowledge and expertise in said field)




don’t think I really need to give a reason, m89.


Straight to the top of the class!


Favourite revel?
Best place, London or Guildford


Dear @profk,

Now that Halloween is over: What is your favourite thing(s) about Christmas?



surprisingly few :rofl:


you too irons!

favourite free or very cheap snack to eat at a bar with a drink would be tortilla. boring option, i know, but its just so perfect and you can eat it any time of day :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: with a good hunk of bread and a beer obvs.

Second would be callos, which is basically a chickpea and tripe stew. insanely good. man, I could go for a plate of those right now.


Hi @profk, do you have any suggestions as to what I can get my wife for her birthday?


Really enjoy the fact that tapas is pretty much designed to be accompanied by a crispy lager.

Never heard of callos before and I’m a bit wary of tripe but jfc christ I would eat that.