DiSer AMAs #19: profk

  1. @rich-t due to his leadership qualities/experience. also great with routes, so I imagine that’d be helpful.
  2. @plasticniki for added enthusiasm and planning work
  3. @ericthefourth who I’d have as backup in-case I got bored half way through and needed someone to affirm how shit and pointless the crystal maze was and would join me in the pub.
  4. @Ruffers as above
  5. @ttf for his brainz in case we took it seriously
  6. @japes seems pretty practical. I think everyone chooses Japes for this though right?

basically, a lot of the cycling wankers.


Hi @profk, love your work. Long-time fan, never kissed you.

On our date to the zoo, which animal / enclosure would we visit first, and which would we leave until last?


hi profk

I’d like to know what the best and worst thing about spain is


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Hi Profk

It’s your wedding day and you’re about to step onto the dancefloor for you and your partner’s first dance. Just as you are about to do so, the DJ whispers in your ear. “I’m really sorry, mate, but my laptop has just died.”

“But it’s our first dance song time,” you exclaim loudly. “What are we going to do?”

“Well,” replies the DJ, “I do have CD1 of The Best Dance Album In The World Ever sitting in an old Discman in my laptop bag. If you’re happy to choose a song from that CD, we could have that as your first dance instead?”

All eyes are on you. You have to choose a first dance song. Here are your choices:

Black Box – "Ride On Time"
2 Unlimited – "No Limit"
Haddaway – "What is Love"
Dr. Alban – "It’s My Life"
Snap! – "The Power"
Technotronic – "Pump Up the Jam"
Ace of Base – "All That She Wants"
East Side Beat – "Ride Like the Wind"
Erasure – "Take a Chance on Me"
Rozalla – "Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)"
M/A/R/R/S – "Pump Up the Volume"
S’Express – "Theme from S-Express"
Heaven 17 – “Temptation” (Brothers in Rhythm Remix)
Sub Sub – "Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)"
M People – "How Can I Love You More?"
The Shamen – "Phorever People"
The KLF – "3 AM Eternal"
Bizarre Inc – "I’m Gonna Get You"
Utah Saints – "Something Good"
Rage! – “Run to You”

What do you choose???


Alright ProfK

What would your ideal 3 course meal and drink of choice be?

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Incredible question.


I’d be the biggest 14 carat gold covered man in the world.


Hi profk, are you fully bilingual in Spanish and English? I’m eternally bitter that my parents didn’t teach me Spanish when I was a kid.

Also, favourite minor recurring Simpsons character?

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Milka Tuc <3 :heart_eyes:


Yessssss! Excellent choice!

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Hey proffers, when you were on that cooking show many years ago did they serve the food still warm and did you have to do several takes or was it all in one go. Let’s peek behind that curtain.

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Hi Prof K! What’s the last decent beer you had?

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big BIG fan of this question.


Marquis of Granby, New X - mainly because I used to drink there a lot when I first moved to London in 2008 and has always sort of been a meeting point for me and my pals since.
Prince of Wales, Kennington
Skehans, Nunhead
Hermit’s Cave, Camberwell
Birds Nest, Deptford
The Gowlett, Peckham


Silk Road, Camberwell
Artusi, Peckham
FM Mangal, Camberwell
Ganapati, Peckham


lt’s small, but I love Telegraph Hill on a summer evening
Peckham Rye can be magic on a summer’s day
Cleaver Square in Kennington

Really, I love all of SE. Felt properly at home there after spending 4 transient years slumming it in North London. Other things I like:

Jazz at the Crypt
lots of good punk bands live/play around SE
Dulwich Hamlet FC
People are generally more friendly than North London


I think one of his cronies would distract the ref and another would low blow with the steel chair, so not for long. Maybe 5 secs?

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I’d love to be a lazy professor of political theory / ethics. just sit around spouting nonsense I believe in, and its okay because its legitimized by a university.


hi prof, i’m doing a coffee shop run. you may have one hot drink and one accompanying snack - what’ll it be?

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What is your favourite rodent?


I think I like the plain choco ones tbh.

London as a whole is not as good as Guildford. SE London on its own is perhaps on a par with GTroit. Was thinking this morning on the train when we went through the G that I should probably just move there. Think I’d be happy. Good pickup basketball scene, Odeon, Friary, Stoke Park, Collectors Records, Pony Express, Castle Grounds… what more does a person need in life?

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great answers n all, thank u :raised_hands:

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I do really like Halloween, but my fave things about christmas -

food, seeing all my pals for annual christmas dinner, watching the great escape.

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