DiSer AMAs #19: profk

20 pound note in a card. Has anyone honestly ever been disappointed with that?!

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@profk favourite classic joke?

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Bieeeeeeen ¿y tu? xD

easy, Roy Makaay.

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I think we’d hit the relatively shit animals first like the wild dog enclosure to get that out the way. Would be a bit of a bummer to leave on that.

Gift shop would be last obviously. Massive sucker for a zoo gift shop plush toy.


best - food culture. not just the ingredients / dishes etc, but the role it plays on a cultural level. guess its important for all countries, but there’s something about dinner time in Spain that I really love.
worst - nosiness of family members. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hiya mate. @profk
You have to walk blindfolded from one London tube station outside zone 1 to another London tube station outside zone 1, at street level. The pavements are empty but the roads are not. You have £50 “in the bank” but every time you bump into something- wall, street furniture etc - you are docked £1. If you bump into 51 things you owe the bank £1, etc.

Which two tube stations do you choose?


Hello, professor.
Can you describe for me the best goal you’ve ever seen with your own actual eyeballs.

(Aaaaaand when you get your spaceship, what do you think you’ll call it?)

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amazing, amazing question


Excellent question :smiley:

the obvious choice is ride on time, but that was mine and an ex’s ‘song’, so would be a bit awkward.

Haddaway it is then.



Great question if only for the phrase street furniture.

Ruislip to Ruislip Manor by the way.

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please rtf. thank you.

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When was the last time you used BluTac?

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who do you think is the biggest twat in blur, and why?


alright man!

ooo, great q.

starter: gambas al ajillo (prawns fried with garlic basically)
main: churrasco. basically, its a selection of grilled/bbqed meats - steak, chorizo, pork chops, lamb chops accompanied by a large salad / chips and other sides. its fucking brutally good
desert: something light and refreshing like a slice of lemon cheesecake

drink: ice cold continental lager. probably estrella galicia or veltins.

(RFT I know, but) I think if I was a DJ I’d just buy this CD, stick it on mix mode and fuck off to the bar for an hour and a bit.


Hi @profk,

You’ve got a £50 Amazon voucher! How do you spend it?


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I’m hesitant to say I’m fully bilingual as I go through long stretches of not speaking Spanish and it takes me time to adjust when I’m out there. However, I don’t really ‘think’ in one language or the other, so it helps that I don’t have to translate English into Spanish when I am talking in Spanish I guess. Guess I’d say I was ‘professionally proficient’? But yeah, my parents didn’t exactly teach me - we lived in Spain for a bit when I was a toddler and they both spoke English to me at home (yes, even my Spanish dad).

favourite minor recurring Simpsons character is Lionel Hutz.

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was luke warm tbh, and not that great.

They did a few extra takes me of me introducing myself because I kept laughing. But apart from that, it was all one go. They just gave us the food and told us to talk about it, but not be negative AT ALL which I found really strange.