DiSer AMAs #2: hip_young_gunslinger

ask @hip_young_gunslinger anything!! he told me that he’s out for a long lunch but let’s line up a few Qs for his and hopefully he’s not too sozzled from friday lunch to answer a few.

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hullo hygge (is it ok if i call you hygge?). how is dadsnet life treating you?

Which is these is faster?

A pootle
An amble
A trundle
A wander

What happens if Pinocchio says “my nose will grow now”?

Can we see a pic of your tattoo please HYG?

Is ‘all the things she said’ the greatest number one single of the 21st century? And if not, what is?

please also give us details of this lunch!

Hygge is fine, thank you.

Dadsnet life is frequently joyful but rarely easy. Baby HYG has had some sort of non-specific possibly viral infection for the past couple of weeks which has, as of yesterday, manifested itself as a rash as is mildly stressful, though she doesn’t seem too bothered by it.

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A trundle, I would say. Pootle and amble both suggest almost deliberate slowness, while a wander is flexible. But a trundle has some sense of purpose to it, an almost industrious quality.


This is a good paradox! Is he on a treadmill at the time?






I believe it is Pure Shores by All Saints.

This is what one of the other tattoo artists guessed it was, yes.

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I sat out in the sun at a cafe in Clerkenwell and enjoyed a lunchtime full English - no booze.

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What are you top three beers of ALL TIME?

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12th September 1999

Which cafe? I was in Clerkenwell too.

how do you feel about ericthefourth guy stealing my AMA idea?

It was number one for two weeks in February 2000 (possibly with the release of the film, The Beach?)

But I am happy to change my answer to Baby Cakes by 3 of a Kind.