DiSer AMAs #20: Tilly


Ask @Tilly anything!!!

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Interviews (not jobs)

Hi @Tilly,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


hi tilly! i bet you’ve had a lot of comments since shaving your head. what’s the best and worst ones you’ve had?


Tilly are you a boardgame person? If you are, what’s your fav? If NOT but your family is being hassling about it, what would you rather play?


omg yes!

hi tilly.

on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is really not very excited and 10 is very excited) how excited are you about going on holiday with the bike wankers?


Hi Tilly! As a Simpsons nerd I’m a big fan of our profile picture, where did you find it and why did you choose it?


Hi @Tilly! Big fan, such an honour to be here today.

If you were going to make a crisp butty, what make and flavour would you use?


Hello Tilly!

As a child, when you did something goofy did anyone ever call you a ‘Silly Tilly’?


hi @Tilly

if you had to assemble a team of six disers to take on the crystal maze, who would you pick as your teammates and why?

thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi @Tilly if you could interview any animal (they temporarily understand english), which animal and what topics would you cover?



Hi Tilly :wave:

If you had to change your avatar to a new combination of a Pokemon and a Simpsons character, what would you choose?

Also, do you have a preference between moths and butterflies?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hi @Tilly! have you gotten into anything new recently? If so what is it and what persuaded you to take it up?


Bounce is so over this interview already. Daniel looks keen though


hi tilly

I’d like to know what the longest time you’ve ever spent on a bus was



I know it’s technically not a dinosaur, but I’d like to be a pterodactyl cos they have hands and can fly.


Hi eric! The best is probably that I look ‘bitching’ the worst was being called sir or mistaken for someone called Matthew.


Hello! I’m a huge fan of strategy games and Risk is a stone cold classic.


absolutely commendable answer. BONUS: are you any good?


Good afternoon Tilly

If you could travel back in time to witness a single event in history, which one would it be?