DiSer AMAs #20: Tilly

Hi 29! Twiglets on white bread with loads of butter.


do you have any of the old pound coins you wish you had changed into new pound coins

Hello he_2! Not that I recall but I’m sure it must have happened at some point.I


Hi Tilly, do you remember Tilly and the Wall?

You’re not the first to say this, and I’ve allowed it before, so you’re fine.

Hi @Tilly best present you’ve ever received and given?

Sorry ifI get some of the usernames wrong here:

@tilly obv
@svenrokk for the muscles
@ grouchland cos he’s super clever
@icouldwinarabbit cos I love her and we’d have loads of fun
@matt_was_taken so he could do the games you need good reach for
@Witches because I reckon she could make some really cool team badges or something. And I’d like to meet her.


Know any good kale recipes?

I’d interview the cat I sometimes steal and talk to him about life in general. Is he happy visiting me? Why does he wail at me when I’m on the loo? Etc.


Aw :blush: I’d like to meet you tooooo!! :heart:

What would make up your 5 item English breakfast?

Very specific. Thanks.

I hate both but I’m a bit phobic of moths so I’d have to go with butterflies.

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I started using an e-cig a few months ago. I was lured in by the cost savings, potential health benefits and that I can do it indoors without being disgusting.

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I’m very good.


i’m really tempted to become one of these wankers. how much did it cost you?

Do you still have the odd crafty proper cig or are you strictly about the vape life now?

When was the last time you used BluTac?

Hi japes. About 11 hours London-Newcastle in ridiculous snow.

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Hello Tilly,
What are your favourite type of mushrooms or toadstools?
-to eat
-to look at