DiSer AMAs #21: ma0sm


ask @ma0sm anything!!

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Interviews (not jobs)

hi @ma0sm. no fooling anymore, what’s the real reason you’re getting kicked out of Oz? do you hate theo?


Hi @ma0sm,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


There’s a big part of me that wants to stay here, but the idea of moving to another country is exciting.

While my wife’s main motivation to move is her work, mine is being close enough to family to see them more often since I realised I’d probably only see my parents a handful more times before they died if I didn’t (dad has arthritis, can’t fly this far).


Hi @ma0sm Do you want to be a mod?


Hi @ma0sm, I trust you’re keeping well? My question is when was the last time you used the Metropolitan line?


Hi ma0sm, why does no one ever click on my AMA?

Also, what was your most memorable journey?


Whichever dinosaur Denver The Last Dinosaur was




So, so needy.


You can just be Denver himself if you like?


Theo’s in this timezone now, it’d be overkill having two here.

Also, I don’t trust my own judgement enough and think I’m too much of a big baby to remain objective all of the time.


I just clicked on it 3 times - but it only registered one I’m afraid

feel free to click on mine in return if you wish


Hello @ma0sm, absolutely love your work. Been such a huge fan since the first trade paperback and I’ve read every issue since! Always meant to write in, but never had the confidence to, teehee!

How many types of spoon do you have in your kitchen?

I gave everyone a click! :money_with_wings:


hello @ma0sm, please rank these australian icons in order of preference

  1. vegemite
  2. ricky ponting
  3. bouncer
  4. powderfinger
  5. tim tams
  6. paul hogan
  7. tim cahill
  8. twisties
  9. harold bishop
  10. pugwall

thank you


Whats the thing about Australia that you like the most?


hi maosm!

Are you as cool as you seem?


Hi @ma0sm!

I would like to know, what are your favourite Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs flavours respectively?



Last place we lived before emigrating was Uxbridge (equal commuting times for Oxford and Central London). I know that fucking line too well.

Last time was last May when I was back in London.