DiSer AMAs #22: Witches

ask @Witches anything!!

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Alright witches

What is your favourite sour beer?

hullo witches! i wonder if there’s been a particular highlight from your munro climbing adventures or if there’s an area that you think is especially worth checking out?

also, what’s the most scariest film you’ve seen?

Hi witches! I think you’re undoubtedly one of my favourite posters on DiS, hoping there’s some MegaMeat we can both attend one day. I would like to know which, of your many plants, is your favourite?

Hello Wtchs

You seem to have a knack of rising above cynical people or engaging them in a way that focuses on the positives in a way that comes across as incredibly sincere. Is this a skill you’ve consciously developed, or does it come naturally to you?


Hi @Witches

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

bonus question - If YOU had your own bunny like mine, what would you name him/her and why?

hi witches

I’d like to know what the biggest thing you’ve ever eaten was? anything bigger than that gigantic loaf toddler you was attempting?



Oh jeezus… starting off with the an extremely hard question there rich… HMMMM, which indeed…

I have no fucking clue. This is really hard… HMMM…

I do LOVE Salty Kiss as a cheap go to, dependable, can drink 10 of them and feel fine (slight exaggeration) but if I was going to get something really special then I’d probably treat myself to Deep Rainbow Valley. It was like drinking alcoholic sherbet, which is obviously A-mazing.

To be honest, just any of them are my favourite. I love them all.


Hi @Witches!

What is the most unusual animal you have ever petted, and how did it happen?


Hello @Witches what is the highest point in height and deepest point in depth that you’ve ever been to within 10 miles of your current home?

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Hey Witches!

Firstly, I’m really glad you joined. You’re like the human embodiment of everything that’s good about the new boards.

Secondly: you are sat in a room with nothing but a giant assorted pile of Lego:

What are you going to build?


Hey Witches, who is your all-time favourite witch?


who do you hope will be your secret santa?

Hi witches,

Big fan. What’s your favourite plant pot?

Hey there @Witches! Big fan of your work, from the early days and the highly under-rated follow-up, right through to the current magnus opus! First time question asker though, teehee! :speak_no_evil:

What are your favourite crisps?

Oh! What are your favourite pubs/places to eat in Edinburgh? :slight_smile:

When was the last time you used BluTac?

Hi eric! YES! yes, there has…

I’d say the highlight was probably finally, after much struggle, getting to the two peaks of the scariest Munros I’ve ever tackled during the summer there. The first one was a lot more steep than we’d anticipated (for a heights wimp like me anyway, I think the bf could have gone up and down twice in the time I managed to beetle crawl my way along) and then when we got to the top we had to walk along a ridge (again, it was really wide but I AM A WIMP) so I cried. The second Munro again was a lot steeper and very scee-ey than I thought it would be, and I almost opted for an early escape BUT I DID IT!! :muscle: After getting stuck on the side of it for half an hour of course. Anyway, I felt pretty proud of myself for it and all other Munros since have been a bit boring in comparison.

Haha, scariest film?? Hmmm… I don’t know, I never feel particularly scared when I’m watching them tbh. Not anymore anyway. I suppose the last time I was a bit freaked out was when I watched House of the Devil. I had smoked a bunch beforehand tho. I reckon that didn’t help :smiley: I love that film tho. Would recommend if you haven’t already seen it. I was also pretty scared of The Autopsy of Jane Doe :smiley: Haha!!! But we both know how you felt about that, don’t we? :stuck_out_tongue:


What is your favourite colour?

Hi @Witches! You’re in a two-person space-shuttle for a month. 1) Which planet are you travelling to visit and 2) which 90s boy-band member is accompanying you on your travels?