DiSer AMAs #23: plasticniki


Ask @plasticniki anything!!!

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Just wanted to get in first. Love you, @plasticniki! You’re an absolute top, top egg. :biking_man: With great power comes great responsibility, so I ask of you this…

Please can you rank the Starburst (Opal Fruits) colour/flavours in order of preference?

PS: Say hi to @plasticmike. I’ll tag him just to make sure he gets an e-mail, we all know he loves them!



Alright nikkers

Non bike related question, oooooh

What’s your favourite beer? And your favourite place to drink this beer would be?


Hi @plasticniki

How many drill bits do you have? What’s the coolest thing you have drilled into?


Hi pn!! What made you decide to step down as mod? Do you have a funny mod/behind the scenes story you’d like to share?




Hey PN.

Have you ever ridden any of the following:


Thank you


hey pn, what’s so great about los campesinos


Hi pn,

How and when did you go from being a normal person with a bike to bike obsessee?

Have you been back in a spoons post brexit?


Afternoon plazzi-nikkas

I heard somewhere that The Isle Of Wight is the smallest county for 6 months of the year: is this correct?


Ooft! Hi niki! Firstly thank you for making me feel so welcome at my first ever DiS meat, absolute GBOL.

My question is if you could cycle anywhere in the world where would you go?


Hi PN :wave:

What would you say is your favourite mountain range and could you please explain your reasoning?

Thank you for your time and consideration :slight_smile:



Thanks for your question!!!

I’m not sure really.

I love a pint of Hophead in my local, because they keep it really well and it’s my favourite pub in the world. Every time I have it I’m surprised how nice it is. They normally have a few guests on but I keep going back to it.

That said, the best place I have ever drunk a beer is at the Inter-pol Brewery near Houffalize in Belgium. The wheat beer was exceptional.


Captain Planik, she’s our hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero,
She’s our powers magnified,
And she’s fighting on the planet side

Do you like this song I wrote you?

Also, you can safely visit any planet in the solar system - where do you visit? It’s going to be a month in a two-person shuttle to get there - which 90s boyband member is going to accompany you on the journey?


:smiley: great question!

Bloody loads I reckon, maybe 30 (because we were having trouble drilling into the lintels above our windows)… To tell you the truth we’ve not used it that much yet because we’re being exceptionally slow at redecorating, so the coolest thing I’ve drilled into is only a wall :confused:


Hello PN.

Which part of you is plastic?


So Hophead at Inter-pol then?





Cant believe you post saved. That’s the biggest lack of RTF ive ever seen!


Hey pn you might have answers this before (if so sorry!) but what are your favourite places to go cycling in london?