DiSer AMAs #24: colinzealuk


Ask @colinzealuk anything!!!

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hi @colinzealuk did you play dis football around 2008-10? I remember one of the hendon brothers being there, but I can’t remember which :frowning: almost certain it was you.


hey @colinzealuk!

if you had to assemble a team of six disers (including yourself) to take on the crystal maze, who would you pick as your teammates and why?

also, if you could be any dinosaur, which one would you be and why?

thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @colinzealuk

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


Are you a mod yet?


does the UK suggest that you are aware of other colinzeals?


Hi @colinzealuk !! You are one of my favourite posters on here and i very much enjoy engaging with you! You’re a v good egg!


You’re at a fancy french patisserie. You’ve got cakes, you’ve got pastries, you’ve got quiche, you’ve got croque monsiuers (??). What are you having?! I’m buying.


Hello. Yes I did - I recall meeting once or twice. I played less regularly but occasionally after that and helped arrange the first game with CCC (the guy who ran their team and organises their tournaments is one of my best friends from school), so I’ve played against DiS in a few internationals for them over the years.

Keep meaning to put myself up for another Red vs Blue game sometime, but haven’t managed to do it for various reasons including time and mental health.


aye, me too :frowning: substitute mental health for ‘am now fat’.


Alright zeal! Thank you for the Colindale advice last week. I would like to know who joined DiS first, you or he_2?


@he_2 - because I’m sure we watched Crystal Maze many times together in the past and we’d probably have similar tactics
@imaperv - for superb word puzzling skillz
@witches - for moral support and in the hope I can get her into one of those locked room mystery games
@colon_closed_bracket - because he seems an all round great guy and I’d like to meet one day
@AphexTwinkletoes - because a climber seems as good as anyone for the physical games.

Who doesn’t want to be a giant robot dinoasaur?


I don’t think so - I can’t change your question to be even nice about me as far as I can tell.

Thanks for setting these up though :slight_smile:


thank you for your comprehensive answers.

in my haste to ask the questions i forgot to express my huge admiration for all your excellent contributions to the forum. keep up the good work! :slight_smile:



Not specifically, no - it’s an old yahoo username I’ve had since the 90s. Not sure if I added the UK because there was already a colinzeal or not to be honest.

I did however discover a Colinzeal on the St. Albans City FC forum about 15 years ago - if anyone ever comes across them, it’s not me.


excellent answer. i shall not ask why you felt the need to be on a st albans city FC forum, however.


what do you reckon, are some lies warranted or is honesty always the best policy?


Aww thanks. You’re a good egg yourself - thanks for helping me out a couple of months back, really appreciate it and really pleased you were able to come back.

I usually go for one of those rectagular layer cake things that looks a bit like this:

Not sure which one specifically though - It’ll probably be something chocolatey or strawberry based, but I’ll probably need to come to the counter to decide.


@colinzealuk can you tell me why we’re prone to pile on the pounds over the festive season please? There’s actually a seminar at my office next week where someone’s promised to explain it, but it’s at lunchtime and I don’t want to go to it.


Hi @colinzealuk

Firstly, thanks for including me in your Crystal Maze team! I would like to meet you too and I hope I would help win some crystals.

Secondly: I’m really sorry to say, but in about ten minutes’ time (starting from when you read this question) you are about to receive a knock on the door. You know the robodog from Wallace and Gromit’s “A Close Shave”?

Imagine a cross between that and a malfunctioning Theo: 6’+ of deranged metal.

You have a giant pool of Lego to defend yourself with:

You’ve got ten minutes to come up with a plan to defeat him! How do you proceed?


Ooh good choice. I’m glad you’re not a “I dunno, surprise me!” kind of guy.

What hot bev you having with that?


Hey there Irons! No worries. Ignoring the Hendon thing, our parents actually worked there for a long while so we’re both reasonably aware of the area, even if I’ve never been drinking around there.

@he_2 was definitely first. I was vaguely aware of DiS in the form of a music review website, but the forums didn’t come to my attention until they came up in a google search I was doing related to Hendon FC - I went and had a look and realised very quickly who hendonturnstile26 (or whichever annual variation it was?) was and lurked for a few days on the social board before joining and tentatively getting stuck in.