DiSer AMAs #24: colinzealuk

Hi colinzealuk!
Big fan of your work - a real good egg!

Hat kind of robot would you design for robot wars? - I’m happy for you to go into as much detail as you feel is necessary!

Sup colinzealuk! Aside from a smart phone what gadget/general techy item do you think you use the most?

I’m going to ignore the format and answer this anyway. Hendon played them quite regularly in the late 90s early 2000s as we were in the same division. Can’t remember exactly when I noticed the other Colin Zeal, but I do remember they were defending bringing cans of cider into our ground and throwing them at our goalkeeper.

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Hi @anon76851889

Thanks for adding me to your Crystal Maze team, I’d only cost you a couple of crystals I think.

What are you getting me for Xmas?

And where are you going over Xmas?

Big question!

In principle, I’m a big fan of the truth and I think long term it almost certainly pays to be honest (what often hurts more is the cover up rather than the initial fuck up), but honestly I do tell white lies or leave out details in conversations at times - I think it’s a natural human behaviour. “black” lies are certainly something to be avoided though.

(mental note… I’ve just noticed that “good” lies are white and “bad” lies are black. That’s a bit dodgy, isn’t it?)

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Hi colin!

Who is your favourite Colin from the world of people you don’t know personally?

Because all the seasonal food that’s tasty comes out at Christmas. Easter and Halloween just have chocolate which to be honest you can eat all year around in different forms, but Christmas has pigs in blankets, mince pies, christmas pudding, mulled wine, winter beers and so on.

The first person who is willing to sell me a mince pie and pigs in blankets in June will make a fortune.

Thank you. I’m going to print this out and leave it on the desk of the dolt that’s giving the seminar, so she doesn’t need to bother.

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What now? You want to lock me away!? :smiley:

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I’ve been wondering what your question would be… quite enjoy the inventiveness of them!

Oh dear. This isn’t going to do much for my social anxieties!

I’d forgotten about him actually, although he’s recognizably a Wallace and Gromit character!

So… @discobot then?

To be honest, I’d probably just play with the Lego - really enjoying that at the moment. Maybe I’d try and build a Lego Charmander and hope the roboTheo either malfunctions not knowing what to do with it, or the Charmander comes to life.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Hot Chocolate thanks - I’m not a tea or coffee person I’m afraid.

edit - if it’s a hot drink, then I’ll go with the strawberry cake.

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Will you destroy @anon76851889 ? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now

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Ominous as fuck


I was gonna say - chocolate overload but go for it

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hi czuk

i’d like to know when the last time you saw a seal was



I don’t think so, no.

As a younger child, I always got last dibs on any stickers bought for me and my brothers, so my Football League 88 album was quite empty. I think the closest I ever came was the Premier League 95 album, which I was missing ONE sticker from (number 96 I think). I even went to Crystal Palace with my oldest brother (not @he_2) to try and get it at one of their swop shops, only to find that too many people had gone and I couldn’t get in.

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hi @anon76851889
do you ever drink the shower water when you’re in the shower?


what was the last thing you zested