DiSer AMAs #25: Severed799

Ask @Severed799 anything!!!

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hello severed! i hope you’re well. where are you physically in the world right now and what have you got planned for friday afternoon/evening?

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Hi Severed! How do you keep your beard so nice?

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Hello @Severed799, big fan of your work, LOVE what you did back in the Norwich days. Truly halcyon stuff.

Of all the countries you haven’t yet visited, which one would be your favourite and which football team from there are you going to support, AND WHY?

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hello @Severed799 can I ask you for your top 5 dead or alive please? wrestlers, obvs

thanks pal

Alright sevvy! Big fan of your reviews over on old DiS, think you really nailed the new Fever Ray. What’s next in the pipeline?

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Hiya @Severed799!

I know that you are quite a fan of my glorious motherland. What are some of your favourite things about Norway please?


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Good afternoon severed

What was the best football match you’ve ever attended?

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Hi Severed,

Can you clarify please if you’re Scottish or English, I can never work it out.

Also, what’s the Scottish food item you miss most in Germany?

Hi Severed, if you could magically gain the ability to play any musical instrument tomorrow, which would you choose?

what’s your AOTY so far? this is probably in of those music board threads that i don’t read but tell us anyway!

hello s799

i’d like to know what your favourite pair of shoes are


Hi severed! What is your favourite German beer and delicacy?

Alright mate, got anything new knocking about?
This is an official space to JAG


Hey @Severed799,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

bonus comment: I hope things either have picked up a bit or pick up soon for you.

Hey Severed,

Big fan of you and your posting, I would love to have a pint with you one day if the planets align (who knows, maybe two, but let’s not get carried away lol).

My question is: How does one write a live music review without it being either a biring audit of things that happened in chronological order, some guff about the band’s history that could be written without even being there, or a self-centred snoozefest about the reviewer themselves?

Hi @Severed799

Firstly thanks for putting me on to Protomartyr, they’re pretty much nailed on for my AOTY.

My question is: what album have you most enjoyed reviewing and why? Not necessarily because it’s your favourite, but because you enjoyed writing it or the research took you to some interesting places or something.


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severed, have you gone to the pub already and mugged us off?



what was the last thing you severed