DiSer AMAs #26: TKC

Ask @TKC anything!!!

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hi TKC!! is the kennedy curse a band? it sounds like should be. Have you eaten tinned food since making that infamous comment. If so, what was it and how would you rate it?

Hi @TKC,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

Hi Kencu! What is your favourite Steve McDonald moment? Please provide in your answer an accompanying YouTube video if possible.

Good afternoon TKC,

I would be interested to know: what would you regard as your favourite species of penguin?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hello! Nope, it is the name of a song of the first Alexisonfire album (the only good one). I made it when I was dead young and im very unoriginal so just kept it, very cringey.

No I havent!

I was always keen on triceratops(sp?). They seem to just get on with it with little fuss or hassle

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When was the last time you used BluTac?


Ill dig out the video but one comes to mind is when Anna Windass and Sally were arguing in a BBq and ended up scrapping, falling through a table. Michelle shouted Steve to do something and it just cuts to him smiling about to eat a huge burger and looking around confused

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Hmmmm im not really au fait with the types. Them ones with yellow whiakers, Emperor?

:grinning: would very much like to see this.

What’s you’re favourite…

  • Pizza topping
  • Chinese takeaway
  • Curry

3 months ago to stick up a gig poster I had (Deafheaven)

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What’s the best and worst film you’ve seen pls

RTF, @ericthefourth :wink:

Im having internet issues but when resolved Ill find it, its defo online somewhere

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Pizza - American hot, im a spicy guy
Chinese - salt and pepper chips and a mixed meat noodle dish
Bit plain.
Indian- enjoy a good jalfrezi

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Best is A Moment of Innocence
Worst is probably errm probably Transformers 2 or Epic Movie

@TKC you’re going to wake up tomorrow morning and either both your legs or both your arms are going to be 2 feet longer than before. Which is it going to be?