DiSer AMAs #27: PocketMouse

Ask @PocketMouse anything!!!

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hello PM!!! got any good leads on christmas presents this year?

also, favourite breed of dog?

What was your favourite song when you were 17?

Hey POcketMouse!

What’s your favourite fun fact to tell people that you think is cool?

Hey PocketMouse!

Congratulations: you’re now the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. You’ve got enough time to change or enact one law before the Tories notice that you’ve infiltrated them. But before you get replaced, what do you change?

Hi @PocketMouse

Can you please empty your pockets (trousers, coat etc.), take a photo, and post it here, please? No swapping the contents either

Wahey! Alright pm! Any update on the housey business?

Hi @PocketMouse,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

hello pm

I’d like to know what your favourite soup is


Ah I have a pretty bad memory for stuff like that but I remember seeing a YouTube vid about the pistol shrimp and apparently they close their claw s so fast that the Heat created for an instant is hotter than the sun and the it shoot some out a shockwave from this that can stun/kill it’s prey from some serious distance. Scary yet amazing!

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Good afternoon pocketmouse

What’s the warmest temperature you would like it to regularly be during the summer months?

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Also iPads are the worst to type on

can you tell us what k- and j-pop you’re into at the moment pls. i enjoyed your old threads about this stuff but did not understand any of them, i just enjoyed reading things i didnt understand and your enthusiasm for these things that i dont understand

The koala is the only non ape like creature to have fingerprints like humans. They’ve even fooled the police on rare occasion.


i like how this question has evolved


Good dinosauring :slight_smile:

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Hi Pocket Mouse, please describe your ideal breakfast, thank you

please PM me a list of all the orangers so that i can make sure to avoid them IRL

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Hi PocketMouse,

I would like to know: which island of Japan is your favourite?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi Pocketmouse,

I owe YOU a letter and it’s been guilting me for quite a while - how long are you are your current address for?

Also, who is your favourite:

  • gymnast
  • ski-jumper
  • F1er
  • any other sport you love
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