DiSer AMAs #29: Smee

great question, and I’m very grateful for the clauses at the end. I’d probably go with…

  • Snow Leopard - it was his idea afterall so seems a bit harsh to leave him. If he wants to surrender his place to another that’s fine.
  • Gorilla - would love a cuddle from a gorilla.
  • Another gorilla as they are social animals after
  • a killer whale for riding on
  • some kind of small rodenty thing I dunno not that fussed by animals tbh
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Hello Smee
What would be your ideal day out if/when you are solely in charge of mini smee for the day?

no of course not

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Wahey…my dad also plays bridge…he’s tried to teach me and I can play but I frustrate him with my lack of competitive ability.

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  1. Bearing in mind that people overrating things out of 10 is one my biggest peeves (ie in my opinion a 10 is virtually non-existent and 6 is a very good score), I’d have to say 5.
  2. I once took a shortcut across a field in very un-waterproof trainers one morning and my feet and lower legs were soaking, like I actually had to wring water out of my socks before setting off for the 1.5hr walk home.

that i can remember - February 2016.

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Dear Smee, please would you be so kind as to reply to the poll below indicating your favoured toast topping.

  • Jam
  • Marmalade
  • Honey
  • Marmite
  • Nutella or similar
  • Butter only
  • Other (please specify)
  • Don’t eat toast

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not sure if this is bants but I guess I’ll have to wait for the bammers AMA to find out.

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thank you for rtf

- AMA administration

I’d need a summary of what ninja warrior is to answer this. but if I was to answer the same question but for the bit at the end of Gladiators it would be the hang bars for sure.

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Last Tuesday it was

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don’t have the knowledge or vocab to give a scientific answer here I’m afraid but I love the late evening long whispy ones that are pink and orange and white and dark grey all at the same time.

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No and no but toe info about me: my second and third toes are kind of joined at the bottom like they have a shared stump or something. It looks like a less pronounced version of this but with way more jewellery

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What do you miss about Exeter?

'kin ell. no idea. I remember an arm wrestle with Alex (similar build to me) circa 2006 that lasted fucking ages - like 3 or 4 mins - and I think I one but he contested the outcome.

well I have a routine pretty much every monday that I enjoy enough: baby group so i can chat to the other mums, lunch at a greasy spoon, home for a nap (both of us most times) then out to baby gym at the leisure centre in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to him being a bit older and I think something like digger world would blow both our minds.


my mates Ruth and Ed and Becca and the weather. apart from that I’ve almost no affinity with the place whatsoever.

I meant meths! :wink:

@eems what’s the largest number you can count to?


wait you don’t live in london?