DiSer AMAs #29: Smee

Hello Smee

What was the first single you bought? Please include the format in the details.

Thank you.

  1. I think the 5 symbol takes up the most space on the page WHAT A CLEVER ANSWER THIS IS WHY I GET PAID THE BIG BUCKS SUCKERS
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I think it was Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream on CD but I’m not honestly sure.

Like, I’m sure I got Disco 2000 on cassette which came out after that so not sure I would’ve been going round buying CDs then switching back to cassettes. Who knows tbh

man I’m an idiot, I read that as you being Scottish and it was confusing me for a bit there. I always imagine Scotland is basically a paradise where everyone has like a big hill behind their stone cottage, sorta like lord of the rings but less dramatic.

^never been to Glasgow, obviously.


sounds like fun isn’t that where Lo-Pan drinks whisky?

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only to make him forget where he is


Hi Smee - having a good week?

Monday - quite nice but also a bit stressful
Tuesday - lots and lots of driving which was tiring but saw some nice views
Wednesday - fairly standard but had a nice chinwag with my wife in the evening which was nice
Today - ok so far
Friday - will be boring training all day
Weekend - hoping will be extremely fun

Hi Smee! I’m off to Costa or a café of your choice what should I get you?

Hey @eems

what are your favourite and least favourite things about glasgow?

depends. most frequently I’ll have a small filter coffee with milk if they have it or an americano if they don’t, sometimes a flat white or if I don’t want too much caffeine but want a brew to go with a ciggie I might have a green tea.

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it’s a good question to which the truest answers are extremely generic but they are true and I am trying to be a man of truth.
favourite: friendly people who are game for a laugh.
least favourite: the weather/winter daylight hours

supplementary info: another thing which is both favourite and least favourite is how things are not obvious. Like it’s not the kind of place you can visit and easily find all the best stuff happening, you have to slowly get to know it and find out where the good shit is. I like this because it’s more fulfilling and the good shit in a place like that is normally better than the good shit in places where it’s obvious but least favourite because as a newcommer with a young family I have limited time to find it so meeting people and getting involved in shit has been slower than I’d like.

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Hi @eems

How good is your mental arithmetic? Could you tell me what 23 x 17 is without using a calculator or written method?

Quite poor I’d say but is the answer 391? I took about 3 mins to work that out but not sure if it’s correct at all.

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interesting that you should say that as my sis has recently moved nback after living in london for the best part of 20 years, when she first moved back she was pissing and moaning constantly because she didn’t think there was much happening but over time she’s found loads of things/places and she’s starting to enjoy it a whole lot more because of that.

thanks for answering. :slight_smile:

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Hello, DiS it Smee you’re looking for? That’s not the question by the way.

Who is your favourite Australian?