DiSer AMAs #3: jazzballet


Today is jazzyb’s day. Ask @jazzballet anything!!!

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Interviews (not jobs)

Hi jb! How’s your novel going? Could you give us a vague plot synopsis/outline? It sounds well good.


HP BD @jazzballet!

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


It’s not her birthday!

Or is it???


It is now.


@jazzballet - when is your birthday?


@jazzballet favourite simpsons character?

Any opinions on Scottish politics?


Hi! It’s a fantasy book set in an African/middle eastern type setting, was always interested in the ancient history of these places so I figured it’s a good setting. Thanks for the question !


Yay, Jazzy B!!

How many are you up to on PoGo?


25th august, same day as mine!


Hey JB, if you could only pick one, which would it be- jazz or ballet?


HIYA Jazzy :honeybee: :smiley: I just want to say I love you and your work and I am super excited to have this opportunity to ask you anything… SO, my question is -

When I was little I thought it would be an incredible idea to open a cafe that specialised in toasties. If you had to open a restaurant/cafe/bar/sillyhipsterestablishment that specialised in ONE thing, what would it be and what would you call it? Tell me some of the specials that you’d have on offer.


@jazzballet as a lover of a aquatic critters, how do you feel about this


Hi pervo! Not far tbh, level 25 since the start of summer and not a single legend yet :sob: creeped in on a moltres raid once but they were all valor and I got like 3 balls that all missed. Playing a lot of Pokemon showdown tho. Thanks for the question!


It was my birthday a month and a bit ago but ty! A vegetarian one that’s still scary so a sauropod would be great. Thanks for the question!


@jazzballet what’s your favourite type of pen to write with?


I supported Scottish independence! Also bart is my favourite character, he’s by far the funniest to me, pta disbands is my favourite episode and he’s amazing. Also love his Skinner interactions so much. Thanks for the question!


Jazz I think! I confused people who thought my name was jasmine or something or I liked ballet but it’s not my name and I know nothing about ballet. Just liked the mew song :sweat_smile: thanks for the question!


bought any good plants lately?


Thank you!<33 a toastie place sounds great I would eat there, I wanted a milk bar ever since reading a clockwork orange when I was at school (why, I don’t know) but I would sell flavoured (plant) milk in cute bottles that people would want to keep and probably call it something to do with milk that would get shut down because of false advertising. I hate fruit milk so everything would be caramely or chocolatey :star_struck: thanks for the question!