DiSer AMAs #30: jordan_229

Ask @jordan_229 anything!!!

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Hi @jordan_229

Which is your favourite number? 2, 9 or 229?

Hi Jordan

Talk me through your perfect day in our fair city of Nottingham.


hi jordan, when was the last time you ate a chicken legend? and what’s the significance of 229?

Not a massive fan of any of them Big Rich, sorry to say

Not a problem J man. Thanks for your honesty.

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when you make a thread
what’s going on


A whole day? That’s difficult. I’m a big fan of Bar Iberico right now. Probably there, a couple cocktails near by and then get an early night


when will i see you again? :cry:

Hello Eric!
About 3-4 months I think? We alternate between kfc and McDonald’s now and I’ve got into having the signature burgers.

229 - old house number

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Wow, the mystery solved after all these years!

Boredom at work

Whenever I come to London and you aren’t bike wankering about?
I might be down on the 25th? Sent you an invite to a union chapel lunchtime gig. I got confused and thought it was the 18th.

what’s your earliest memory Jordan?

Or if you ever make it to Nottingham? There’s a bike line and everything

also do you ever drink the shower water

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I remember being in the beer garden of a pub in the Isle of Wight when I was 3. No specifics, I just remember the general vibe

If you had to join one of the armed forces, which one would it be?

I imagine I have several times? I don’t sing in the shower though which might make it more of a regular occurrence?

US Navy Seals