DiSer AMAs #31: Scout

Ask @Scout anything!!!

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ooooofffft yes!

Scout I love your pictures of your flat on Instagram. Where do you get yr interior design inspiration from?


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also, a quick note from the AMA administration: we’re gonna scale these back to 2/3 a week coz it’s a bit much, yeah? cool



Hello @Scout I hope you are well, I would like to ask what your favourite building is on the following roads in Manchester please:

Wintworth Street
Chester Road

Thank you in advance

hello scout! i hope you and jnr are well. i have been very much enjoying your virtual insta tours. i wondered if you have any upcoming plans for new ones and also how the IRL ones are going?

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Do you like 99% Invisible?

Do you think Roman Mars is a good name?

What is your favourite building that’s not in Manchester, and why?

Hiya Scout!! Ditto @plasticniki , you’ve got excellent taste! Do you have any new artwork/a favourite artist/illustrator? Show me pls. :smiley:

Hello @Scout

Bit of an obvious question…but were you a member of the rainbows/brownies/guides or beavers/cubs/scouts (or both, of course) as a child? If so, do you remember any skills you learned?

Hi Scout, what are you favourite baked goods for consumption (a) in the morning and (b) in the afternoon?

Uh oh! Typo alert!!!

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hi scout
could you still love a dog if you knew it was actually a robot?
how about vice versa?


you’re so good at these threads

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Hi Scout,

  1. Did your gnome project ever happen and what did you call it?

  2. I’m going to be in Manchester for the next few days in the Wilmslow Road area - are there any interesting buildings to look out for?

Hello @Scout hope you’re well.

If you were on the antiques roadshow and had something valued at like a million pound, how would you react?

Hey Scout, what’s the best thing about Manchester
And what’s the worst thing about Manchester (that’s not the incredibly large London shaped chip on everyone’s shoulder)

Hi @Scout,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

(note: if Jr has a favourite dinosaur already, then it would be lovely to know what that is as well)

Thank you. A bit on pinterest I suppose and the rest just from the darkest recesses of my brain

That’s tough and I will need to have a little think about it but I’ll be back imminently. Cliffhanger!

I can’t wait! (apologies for calling Whitworth Street Wintworth Street accidentally though)