DiSer AMAs #31: Scout

I normally only do them if I happen to be in town when Jnr falls asleep but I have a spare hour tomorrow lunchtime so stay tuned!

IRL ones are good but very infrequent.

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I love it though his voice is starting to get on my nerves.

His name would be ridiculous on someone from Eccles but it’s a good radio name. Most famous names are a bit crap aren’t they? Brand names like Apple.

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Impossible to answer for sure but I’m a big fan of the abanonded industrial building in badalona port near the primavera site because Chintzy and I met near there and both loved it. I know I should say an architectural masterpiece but that’’s the first place that came to mind.

Are you or have you at anytime being a scout, @Scout?

On a related note, do you think it’s possible that a government agency similar to MiB but more sinister is responsible for policing witnesses of paranormal events in order to keep their stories out of the public sphere?

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I bought this a few days ago by a tattoo artist I love called suflanda. It’s for the nursery so it’s a bit more cutesy than what I’d normally buy…

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Oh wow! That’s lovely xx

Someone is very upset about Catalonia’s independence …

I went to Brownies once or twice but thought it was a right schmuck’s game (in retrospect I would have loved it if I gave it chance).

I continued to tell my parents I as going way beyond the two weeks though so I could keep the money. I spent it on tea and crumpets in the newly opened YMCA with my friend a Katie and we sat with the pensioners Andy drank tea from the saucer.

What a fun child I was.


A) almond croissant (with some blackberry jam)

B) is it gross to say steak bake? Because it’s probably that


Both great answers, thank you for your time

Yes to the dog that was a robot but I’d feel so morally torn by a robot that was once a dog that it’s already making me think of Jeff goldblum as brundlefly

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Such a good answer, thank you

Amazing typo

It was called Shrinking Violence as there was an element of it that mentioned JG Ballard and how he says suburbs are secretly violent. @andyvine does guest vocals. Do you want to hear it?

Wilmslow Road itinerary incoming…


Hiya @Scout

What’s the most impressive thing you can make from folding paper?

Since my pelvic floor isn’t what it was I’d probably wet myself


Best is it’s size as it means you can see a lot if it and easily get to know people

Worst is it’s size because you can literally never avoid people you know


Hi again Scout,

A second question if I may?

Can you rate the following types of scout from favourite to least liked?

  • Boy/Girl Scout
  • Football Scout
  • Music or Film/TV talent scout
  • Scout (the bar in Shoreditch - https://www.scout.bar)
  • An old school pioneer on a horse.

Not exactly groundbreaking but I’m a big fan of a triceratops.

Malin’s fave so far is a t-Rex which I guess is pretty standard too. We buy a Dino magazine now so I’m re-learning and out answers are likely to change once we’re experts


I actually don’t think know either! I’ll take a listen and report back.

Cutest in Manchester? I like 42nd Street charity building on Great Ancoats Street.

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Both good solid dinosaurs in fairness.

My favourite is also a T-Rex as well; you can see him here bonding with my rabbit: