DiSer AMAs #31: Scout

If we are assuming we have proper seasons then summer, I can’t ever be too hot however since i had Jnr I feel like I might becoming an autumn person because of things we can pick up and discover in the garden

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T-Rex looks happy!

(RTF I know)

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No I haven’t but I’d like to be.

Yeah i reckon that’s possible, not sure why but if X Files taught us anything it’s to trust no one


oooh, forgot you’re an x-files-er. got a favourite episode or storyline?

Ha, it is the name of the place I mean though, just up from Barcelona, not an angry typo.

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Those things you play fortune teller games with that all kids know how to make. Don’t even know what they’re called.

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I like the one where they’re on a boat and get really old

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I don’t know what they’re called but we went to Byron with the girls on Saturday, and the children’s menus transform into them if you fold them up :slight_smile:

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Boy/Girl Scout
Music or Film/TV talent scout
An old school pioneer on a horse.
Football Scout
Scout (the bar in Shoreditch - https://www.scout.bar)

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Thank you. I would have placed the pioneer a little higher, but I’m glad we can all agree that the bar comes later.

I was never a scout either

This is correct, the truth is out there and we must…scout it. :face_with_monocle::alien:

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Well without researching it I didn’t rate the pioneer higher in case they were also known for immoral acts

Excellent reasoning that! The thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

Hi Scout,

I would like to know what your favourite meal to cook for your little one is? (I am fishing for ideas, totally out of inspiration for the kid’s food).

Also, if you wouldn’t mind a second question, could you please let us know what your favourite ocean or sea is?

Thank you for your time and consideration :slight_smile:

When was the last time you used BluTac?

She eats the same as me only she doesn’t really care about food unless it’s junk or laden with sugar.

She really likes beans though so sometime I make white bean and fennel salad with lots of parsley and olive oil. Oh and Chinese chicken curry is a big favourite of hers!

Jnr is named after the sea region between Northern Ireland and Scotland so I should probably say that one. Malin. But it’s probably freezing and stuff so I’d much prefer a nice bit of tropical ocean.


I unrolled a early old piece the other day to try an reuse it to stick a print in place behind a mount as it was too small.

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Ok, I’ve not got time to do a big list so just look out for the Edgar wood church, it’s pretty special and there’s some good old grand buildings around there that are no some awful squalid bedsits

whitworth street is basically every single building that exists on it as they’re lovely old grand things, if we’re cheating a bit the refuge building as it is on both streets. I think the corner building with the red window panes is a beauty, so that one (Lancaster house maybe?)

Deansgate without doubt is John Rylands but I like that Milton club reception area, the BBC used to be based in there before it was a strip club or whatever it is.

Chester road, not for arcihtiectural reasons but I like the building that insistu are in and they sell really weird stuff like a radiator from Pete best’s house, and it’s close to Pomona.