DiSer AMAs #31: Scout

Wonderful stuff, thanks Scout!

My only memory of Byron is being spiked with acid and thinking I was a ghost for two days afterwards.

:frowning: fuck that’s rough. I’m sorry to hear.

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It makes for a decent anecdote though so not all bad. Oh hang on, you mean Byron burger don’t you? I mean Byron Bay in Australia which somehow makes the scenario much more acceptable. Byron burger would just be sinister.


Yes, I do. As much as I’d like a teleporter, a daytrip to Australia on a weekend might be pushing it!

Good afternoon scout

Which is your favourite of the citrus flavours?

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Thanks that’s nearby to where I’m staying so I’ll take a look.

Lemon because it’s great sweet or savoury, although I am trying out lime more often lately and have some dried limes my Iranian friend gave me to put into stews.

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Being spiked with acid in a Byron branch would be… a good story also.

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you got spiked with acid? what the hell?

i think about that episode a lot. how did they get better? they just did, didnt they?

the boat never really existed :ghost:


nou rtf, the boat existed

the rtf was aimed at myself there. you were asking scout a question which was perfectly well rtf.

hi scout

i’d like to know if you would rather go back in time or forward in time


you’re out of control

Because I write a lot about Victorians and I love old buildings id like to go back but only if I were invisble as well

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@Scout what’s your favourite song which involves panpipes?

Hard to rate generally (like I’d say a 9 with good but less so with white water rafting) Let’s say 6.5

Hi scout!
I have two questions if that’s ok.
When you get your spaceship what are you going to call it?
And can you draw a crab?