DiSer AMAs #32: Jook


Ask @Juke anything!!!

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DiSer AMAs #33: Bamnan

Hi Jook

Did you ever need braces?

(Long time fan of your work)


hello jook! if you were DJing and the crowd was very tame, what’s the one song you’d play if you wanted an instant moshpit?


Hi @colon_closed_bracket, I probably should have done, but never did, Kinda feels like the ship has sailed now.



Alright @Juke! I’ve been enjoying your Big Brother thread. Which is your favourite contestant from the regular non-celebrity editions and whyyyyy please?





You did that wikipedia podcast thingie right?

What’s your favourite random wikipedia article/factoid that you have learnt?



Hi @Juke,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

bonus question: what influences your decisions on whether to go for a fiendish single round of AQOS or to go for the best answers you can?


hey jook

i’d like to know what’s currently at the top of your list of countries you want to visit



Hi @Juke

So apparently Jook may also be known as Congee, and East Asian rice porridge!

What is your favourite pudding?


When was the last time you used BluTac?


Moshpits are banned at my gigs. Steps- Tragedy.


Who are your top five Simpsons characters? And favourite studio ghibli films


Probably Makosi. She was so different to every housemate up until then, and had all of my favourite character traits in a housemate- funny, unstable, scheming, prone to tantrums. Plus I well fancied her and that.


I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten every single thing that I read. All I can think about is cult footballer Robin Friday kicking Mark Lawrenson in the head, then doing a shit in his kitbag. Does that count?


She was an absolute kween, good choice :+1:


I would be a Pterodactyl because they are good at flying and badass, and I am neither in my regular non-dinosaur life.

I did used to go for nothing but fiendish singles but I’ve enjoyed playing it properly recently so I think I’ll just stick with that from now on- I’m convinced I’ll win it someday.


You’re pretty good at it tbf!

Pterodactyl is technically not a dinosaur, but it’s a very popular non dinosaur, so I’ll let you join the tribe with the others :slight_smile:


that’s…horrific but yes, yes it does! thanks


I’m hoping to save money to go to Iran at the end of next year- I’ve always wanted to go there so I hope that works out. Other than that most places are beyond reach at the moment financially, but realistically I’m hoping to finally go to Italy and Iceland sooner rather than later.


Sticky toffee pudding. Rice porridge can do one, I do not heartily endorse these products.