DiSer AMAs #32: Jook

At work a few years back, but in my own home it was before I left my mum’s house. So many Reading festival line-up posters on my bedroom walls. It was a type of yellow hell.


Simpsons characters would be pre-lobotomy Homer, Grandpa, Skinner, Lisa and Moe. No exciting/left-field choices, soz.

Obvs Totoro is my number one choice, but I also love Grave of the Fireflies (but will never re-watch it), Ponyo and Howl’s Moving Castle.

The rest are a mixed bag for me… I actually hated Mononoke and it was my first Ghibli film, so I was close to sacking them all off in one lump. Totoro was the next one I watched and the rest was history.

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Hello Jook,

Could you please tell us what your favourite kind of tree is please?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Any really tall tree, mate. I saw a really tall (like, REALLY tall) tree on a walk in Warwickshire once, and I stood gawping up at it for about ten minutes, completely taken aback. I must have looked like a loon but I really enjoyed those ten minutes. Tall trees.


Hey Jook

Who is your favourite character in anything ever?

And also can you draw a crab?

I can draw excellent crabs


And my favourite character in anything ever… jeez. I think it MIGHT be Mark Corrigan.

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Finally, a serious question.

I’d go for Fruit Winders, Rolos and Toblerones.

The Toblerones for their shape (and therefore structural integrity) and the Winders for their sticky surface (in order to bind the products together). I’d build the bridge out of these two, I’d just copy the design of a real bridge.

I’d eat the Rolos while doing it.

No diagram, I’m not giving away my work for free.


Hi Jook please can you talk about Jook times for a while.

I have nothing to say except I am certain it is the most important publication in the history of the world. I think the work speaks for itself.

Also I found them recently.


Still angry that chris (simpsons artist) has made money from MY IDEAS.

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Is tinychat still a thing?

Hi @AQOS, will Loreen’s Euphoria ever be beaten?

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Do you miss it?

It depends on the context. Will there ever be a better Eurovision song? No. BUT, will there ever be a better pop song? Also no.


I’m not sure. I enjoyed it at the time but looking back now I was unemployed and was staying up til 6am every night to talk to strangers on the internet. It wasn’t the healthiest time.


I feel remarkably rude answering these questions but not asking others for their thoughts on the matter.

I think a Christmas tinychat could be nice.